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I Lost Some Time This Morning

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  • I Lost Some Time This Morning


    I lost some time this morning
    When I knew I should address
    A mother robin’s chirping
    “I’m blessed,” she sang, “I’m blessed.”

    Distraught o’er her ‘theology’—
    (Happy in a one-room lair,)
    I quickly said ‘there’s more to have,
    Like ‘homes’ with rooms to spare.’

    In her despair she moved her home
    Away from my behest,
    And sang the second chorus:
    “I’m blessed, oh yes, I’m blessed!”

    That was my first lesson
    On helping one in need.
    No longer will I spend my time
    On others, I agreed.

    I lost some time this morning
    As I watched the day commence
    With colors of the rainbow by
    The Artist-in-Residence.

    He played with every color,
    Then smiled as they would blend.
    But I had my own agenda
    That I needed to attend.

    I lost some time this morning
    When laughter looked for space.
    ‘There isn’t any room,’ I said,
    Ev’rything is in its place.’

    Let the kids go running
    In the gentle breeze,
    Chasing pretty butterflies,
    And I’ll do as I please.

    I lost some time this morning
    It was a big surprise,
    Someone’s knocking on my door,
    I looked, then rolled my eyes.

    Of course, I put a smile on as
    I opened up the barrier
    That stood between the two of us,
    ‘Come in, the more the merrier!’

    She could tell I didn’t mean it,
    I thought I was discreet,
    So when she went to leave, I begged,
    ‘Come in and have a seat.’

    Dear Lord, How foolish of me
    When I selfishly give rise
    To a tightly-guarded schedule,
    And refuse to compromise.

    You placed me on this planet
    For others more than self.
    Help me to understand Your ways
    Lest You place me on a shelf.

    Shirley Seal
    January 2015
    East Lansing, MI

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    I corrected an error on the next post. Sorry for the trouble caused. Shirley