Looking at life
through another persons eyes
Seeing things differently
but it's not a clear sky

Their vision may be blurry
cause it tells a different tale
A life you never saw,
like a boat without a sail

Did you ever have a dream
which was shattered by the truth
cause there really is no Santa
and your mother took your tooth

Maybe now you see your faults,
make changes for the good
A new life you could live
with the old one understood

With this you gain knowledge
and knowledge you can share
Tell others about your life
maybe they'll learn how to care

Cause in them you will live on,
the future was changed by you
One person can make a difference
even after their life is through

New age dreams will be altered
through the story that you told
A new page could be written
and marked by God with a fold

As you look back at your life
realizing, through your old eyes,
that we all make mistakes
and we all grow old and die

As life slowly fades away
and you can see it in your eyes
Yes NOW the realization comes
that you were living life as a lie

So now you make the changes
cause change is never too late
and in telling your new story,
you can change someone’s fate

When life is based on hope
and you've got nothing left to fear
come back to this reality
and wipe away your tear

When all hope has been lost
and all dreams put to sleep
All complications put aside
cause you're in too deep