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  • Fight For Me

    I had to fall,
    I had to lose it all.
    I had to lose myself,
    And everyone else.
    My heart had to be shattered,
    My soul had to be tattered.
    My mind had to break,
    I had to make a million mistakes.
    To understand who I was mean to be.
    I had to get lost, to find me.

    Growing up is not something that is just done.
    It takes wanting to get better than you were before.
    It means appreciating evert rising sun.
    It takes wanting to become more,
    To become a better person.

    I didn't understand around,
    Until it all fell to the ground.
    I tried to catch all the pieces,
    But the wind blew them away.
    I tried to smooth out the creases,
    But they were there to stay.
    A life in ruins, done by my hand.
    It took all this, for me to understand.
    I have to fight for the person I wanted to be.
    I have to fight for me.

    Stephanie G
    Visalia Ca

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    deep and personally relateble, a few misspellings but n. biggie, you have a talent it seems for writing what others think