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Do Ya Feel Me?

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  • Do Ya Feel Me?

    i'm naked in the way
    that i'm fully unclothed
    listening to things you say
    which leaves you also exposed

    you share about your world
    the one i wasn't in
    with drugs and many girls
    and all the places you've been

    "do ya feel me?"
    "do you understand?"

    can i call this a date?
    we're sitting in the dark
    yet you illuminate
    so we won't feel far apart

    you don't ask for sympathy
    but it's something i have
    i'm walking empathy
    so i cry in between my laughs

    "do ya feel me?"
    "do you understand?"

    you ask "are you asleep?"
    but i'm just listening
    may not always agree
    but your tales are interesting

    i know that i'm quiet
    but i'm speaking as well
    i'll keep your thoughts private
    and all you're willing to tell

    "do ya feel me?"
    "do you understand?"

    our understanding
    often stays unspoken
    but sometimes i'm asking
    "will my heart stay unbroken?"