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    and Falling

    and Falling

    I didn’t want to fall

    I never wanted to fall.

    but i fell.

    i am aware.
    Aware of Hands
    R e a c h i n g o u t

    and Grabbing me,


    i am Terrified.

    i don't want these cold,

    Dead Hands
    Near me.

    i need
    to fall away

    A girl
    A friend?

    coaxes me to fall with her

    we are so far away

    Her Voice,
    It’s so sweet
    and captivating.
    and Alluring.

    She Guides me,
    Steering me away from the monsters.
    They whisper sweet nothings in my ear
    Of promises of safety
    of promises of help
    and of promises of hope.

    she says to Trust NO ONE.
    And so I obey.
    and so i fell
    and so she fell
    and so we both fell.
    hand in hand.
    so far away

    Her grasp was So warm

    and inviting.

    I forgot about falling.
    It was nice.

    she was Stunning.

    I envied her.

    I Wondered who she was.

    An actress?
    A model?

    I wanted to spend a day in her shoes,

    Her expensive, shiny shoes.

    she gave me Hope,
    so i Welcomed her.

    it's quite cozy in here.

    I think .
    Did she lead me here

    and push me in?

    That's not right.
    I chose to follow her.
    ...I must be losing my sanity.
    Slowly, but surely

    I'm losing myself -
    it's hard to be found
    when it's so dark.

    i Wish that I could feel the Earth beneath my feet.
    but I feel nothing.

    no, less than nothing.

    I can only feel the darkness creeping up
    and Sucking me in

    Grabbing my legs

    and swallowing me whole.

    I am being consumed.

    it's getting hard to breathe.

    i’m going blind. Blind.

    I feel happier here,
    in this hole.
    It's nice.
    And it's quiet.
    And I can think.
    I can think about everything.
    I have all the time in the world.

    After all,
    i'm not very busy.

    oh yes, I am quite happy.

    i'm falling.
    i'm falling...
    am i falling?

    My thoughts muddle.

    Was this truly Happiness?

    How did i get here?

    I Never thought that this would be me.

    I don’t know this girl.

    Who is she?

    do I let go?

    i let go

    and so she turns frail
    and pale and cold.

    She reaches for me,

    but I pull away.

    She looks quite scary.

    this stranger turns to dust.
    And fades away.
    Into blackness.

    I don't want to fall.

    Not anymore.

    It’s too late for me now though

    i can feel the bottom Closing in.

    I grasp for something.

    I didn't want this.
    I didn't want any of this
    I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
    I don't want to fall anymore.
    I don’t want to fall.

    I give up.

    My Fate is sealed.

    Inches away from an untimely end.
    A gruesome end.
    A pitiful end,
    alone in a dark hole.

    i Look up, expecting nothing but Darkness.

    yet, i couldn't see it.

    At least, not anymore.

    Am I falling in reverse?

    I only see

    A hand grabs me

    and I wake up.