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  • (Long) Way to Go

    I’m a product of my predecessors
    Who gave way to spiritual successors
    Pioneers of knowledge, understanding
    Conventional beliefs notwithstanding.

    Champions of their academic aims
    Men and women, who go by many names
    Einstein, da Vinci, Faraday, Pasteur,
    Galileo, Hawking, Curie, and more!

    They opened new doors like never before
    Studying like kids in a candy store
    But the Snickers was actually a book,
    Nougat giving way to gobbledygook.

    The tools are all there, a foundation laid
    Though sometimes I’d like to sit in the shade
    You’re a visionary, your thoughts unique
    All anyone needs is a goal to seek

    I want to be remembered, forever!
    But this can be a grueling endeavor
    The path I wish to walk is often skipped
    With its street signs and screws all gone and stripped.

    But I’m not guaranteed fame, nor glory
    For I’ve not begun writing my story
    And if I’m to do so, I must defy
    Cause there is much to do before I die

    I can see in a way no one else can
    From the point of view of a young man
    But nothing is constant, and that will change
    And I assure you that I’ll get more strange

    Most choose other roads, and there are many
    Ecstasy, family, riches aplenty
    But the only gift I have to bestow
    Is the full collection of all I know.