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Why It Had To Be You

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  • Why It Had To Be You

    I didn't understand what I had.
    I was too busy being mad.
    I was young and too naïve .
    To see what was right in front of me.
    And foolishly I told you to leave,
    I thought I wanted to be free.

    If I'd have known then what I know now.
    I'd have held you tight and taken your keys.
    I'd have made you stay, somehow.
    I'd have fallen to my knees,
    And begged you not to go..
    But i didn't know...

    I didn't know you had so much to drink that night,
    I was too consumed in our fight,
    I was thinking only of myself,
    Not of anyone else.
    The whiskey got the best of me.
    Blinded by rage I couldn't see,
    The stumble in your stride,
    It's my fault you died.

    I don't understand, why it had to be you.
    I could've saved your life, there's so much I didn't do.
    My last words to you were "Get the hell out!"
    The last thing we did was scream and shout.

    Now I'm drowning in whiskey and your memory,
    Trying to keep my vision blurry.
    It should've been me,
    I don't understand why it had to be you.
    There's so much you never got to do.

    So many dreams you had...
    You always wanted to be a dad,
    To play catch with a son.
    You wanted to climb a mountain.
    You wanted to ride a bull.
    You deserved to live a life that was full.

    Instead it ended too soon.
    Underneath a full moon,
    With you driving far too fast,
    And far from sober,
    I wonder what you thought of last,
    As that car flipped over and over.

    Were you afraid as you started to spin?
    Did you feel the flames burn your skin?
    Did you suffer my dear?
    Oh what I'd give to have you here...

    So much I had to say, that I never got to.
    I don't understand why it had to be you...

    Stephanie G
    Visalia Ca