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  • My Philosophical Query

    What is it Lord that makes me think the way that I do?
    What is it that makes me ponder?
    How is that I am able to come to a decision - or - to make no decision at all.
    Why have I chosen to write? Who is it in my past that I inherit my thinking ways?
    Why don't I inherit the manner that I need - that- so many have tried to teach ?
    How is it that I am simply the way that I am, but not the way that you want for me to be? ...Doesn't that make me stronger?
    Who am I, ? What am I for ? and... most of all- Why must be people die?

    What is it within me that enables me to love or not to be loved or not be loved?
    Why is it that I feel the way I do? And why do I feel anything at all (when eventually, it will all be taken away or grow to no importance).
    Do I think before I feel- or- do I feel before I think?
    ​What am I doing here (Lord) ...whenever we all must eventually die...and then again... why must everyone eventually die?