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  • Fathers flag

    On a cold day in December.
    A day I will always remember.
    With freedoms true cost.
    Another father lost.

    With tears in a little boys eyes.
    He watches as the Marine Chaplin.
    Tells of his untimely demise.
    And questions why this has to happen.

    His mother is trying her best to be brave.
    As she explained the price that was just paid.
    What a nations hero has gave.
    A nation in morning for the life laid.

    Paid also by his grandfathers.
    He was just nine but he understood.
    What the colors meant to his father.
    And the rest of his brethren hood.

    A week now has come to past.
    Standing here at Arlington.
    Laying down freedoms last.
    With the sound of twenty one guns.

    As the Stars and Stripes had began to fold.
    I remember the meaning of each color.
    And the story they hold.
    Thought from a Marines scholar.

    White was for the purity of each heart.
    Red is for the valor within each man.
    Blue represented the vigilance part.
    Virtues of every freedoms guardian.

    Today as we celebrate independence.
    Freedoms and justice for all.
    I stand in remembrance.
    And salute the flags of our fathers call.