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    I once met a man, his name was John Doe
    He had a black hat and a trench coat
    He said, don't worry, honey
    I'll come back for you soon
    He left in the darkness, stepped in the shadows
    Gone forever, and never to be seen
    I waited right there, through rain and hail
    He told me he would be back
    I waited more, through snow and sun
    Summer, fall, winter, spring
    I sat on the sidewalk, watching life go on by
    I waited right there, like he told me to
    I couldn't wait for him to come back
    I wondered where he went
    And when he would come back
    My sweet John Doe
    I want you to come back
    Fall, winter, spring, summer
    The leaves are turning red, my dear
    And you have yet to come back
    I'm still waiting at the spot you told me
    Waiting ever so patiently
    Because you're my sweet John Doe
    My John Doe, who will come back
    Winter, spring, summer, fall
    The snowflakes are falling now
    And I'm hugging myself ever so tight
    The coldness seems to remind me of your presence
    Or that you're not here
    John Doe, you told me to wait
    And I did, ever so patiently
    But you haven't come at all
    And this man is approaching
    With a black hat and a trench coat
    Spring, summer, fall, winter
    It's John Doe, he has returned for me
    He has kept to his promise, he's come
    I run towards him, barely containing myself
    There are needles everywhere, and I almost fall down
    But I don't
    Because you've come back for me, John Doe
    You've kept your promise
    I grab your arm, and smile
    ''My dear, you've come back to me!"
    You throw me away in disgust
    "I don't know you, hobo!"
    My eyes glass over
    This can't be my John Doe
    Even though he looks like him
    He treats me in the highest respect
    Then, I look at myself
    My hair is a rat's nest
    My clothes ripped and ragged
    Wrinkles across my face
    My beautiful features all worn down
    Just waiting for you, John Doe
    Summer, fall, winter, spring