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    Ancestors worshipped carved bark,
    a couple stacked stones,
    with a desperate plea
    to squeeze a drop from heaven
    (having fewer degrees of freedom
    to doubt correlation
    when scraping ever by the brink).
    And yet
    I have never stopped to pay thee homage
    O Electric Tree:
    Giver of warmth when it is freezing,
    relief when so hot and mosquitoey,
    Empowerer of the world wide web,
    Cooker of all I consume,
    Vanquisher of darkness for my babies
    (and myself).
    even Finisher of my love.
    What more has any generation asked of their gods?
    than to not be left alone in the cold dark hunger
    Have I been so ignorant of thee?
    simply because thou art common,
    (if not by me).
    How then shall it be with the God we prefer
    to be mystical
    should we ever achieve his company?

    ~Scott Zogg