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  • Sister

    The anchor in my life.
    The serenity in strife.
    My teacher, my tutor, my mentor, my guide
    I know in you I can confide.

    My dear childhood friend,
    Please be with me to the end.
    When it comes time for you to leave,
    By myself I will silently grieve.

    Together forever we cannot always be,
    But you’re the only one that gets me.
    My stupid jokes, my overused puns,
    My corny humor, like an old rerun.

    A stern look you keep me in check,
    I can tell at times you want to wring my neck.
    But when you smile so bright,
    The world seems a little more right.

    Thank you for everything you’ve done on my behalf.
    Thank you for every time we laughed,
    Thank you for when we cried,
    Thank you for forgiving every single lie.

    And when we meet again
    In this small world we’re bound to meet now and then,
    I’ll look you in the eye,
    And try to say, “Goodbye.”
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