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  • Understanding

    What is it to know, yet not understand?
    Is it seeing the picture, but not the mural so grand?
    Is it retaining information we can never apply?
    Is it seeing the stars without seeing the sky?
    Understanding is deep. Its complex yet its simple.
    We understand that we sleep, but our dreams pop like a pimple.
    We understand that it happens, but not why it occurs.
    We understand time heals all, but don't understand how it cures.
    We seem to know understanding, but yet we fail to understand it.
    We can't seem to grasp it even when life will hand it.
    Understanding is fleeting in a world that's all knowing.
    We see what is happening but not the meaning it's showing.
    Is wisdom understanding or is that one step higher?
    Is understanding a process to comprehend a liar?
    Knowing sees the lie, understanding sees why.
    Yet wisdom sees more, how to handle dishonest tries
    The more we apply, this understanding discussed,
    The more wisdom we'll gain, a wisdom we'll trust.