I've done a lot of wrong, now I'm feeling bitter
got the face of torture, that's my reflection in the malt liquor
guess I figure, that 6 figures couldn't figure me out
because the money looks confused with the grin on mouth
I'm not smiling for the paper, I'm smiling for my life
I became a grown man, but couldn't say I lived right..

I've got these blood stained memories and this heart feeling empty
how come we have nothing when others have plenty?
celebrities keep saying how they worked hard for it
they just got a lucky break and that's the worst part of it
sorry but they started it, flashing all that jewelry
telling the kids to be like this, committing tomfoolery
they pass them an illusory that money is the power
but a strong voice can rock the crowd hour after hour
yes I am sour, my eyes seen things from the bling
it'll make you want the fame when you only came to sing
when you hear that call ring, and you answer for your dream
they offer you some pocket change and you feel like a king
brother this is not the way to live, the glamour and the glitz
fortune into fame I guess the ignorant are bliss
cosmic topics are hard to see with human optics
if you give your life to them then it's a waste like toxic

In closing I'm roaming around with no one to follow
my heart's hollow while drinking the Hennessey rom the bottle
full throttle to my grave, now MY life's wasted
you wished to be a star, when all I ever wanted was greatness
for my family to be proud I made it, all of their hatred faded
to look upon my art and be happy with what I created
not devastated but dedicated many years frustrated
growing up our house was homeless, zero nutrients in the basement
heads smashed on pavements, these bullies laughed and hated
used to beat me because I was skinny just for their amazement
so I can't wait to look back, not have to think about the past
not have to reminisce about this life getting me mad
I'm belligerent, ignorant, you treat me like I'm innocent
but militant, you could never read me like illiterates
so feast upon my soul, then scarf away the remains
if you think life's going fast I'd suggest you switch lanes