L & R, together we wear one side in each of our ears
Clad in the same uniform, despite our distance apart
Living in universal harmony for millions of long years
Sharing an intertwined future, evolution decides to start

The truth of evolution; what exactly might truth be?
The seeds of concealment buried away from sight
Bare your blade to others that are drawn in pity
Believe in no one at all, survival is why we fight

One by one, smeared with bloodstained hands,
We were born into this world of barren realities
Oh, you chose a prince to make the plans
Battle: that is the only redemption, full of brutalities

L & R, when did the sound we hear become different?
Noticing the rhythm of the tapping fingers on your knee,
This evolution hasn't resulted in something brilliant
We slowly began changing, all things come with a fee

Shower in the painful screams of agony in the end
In this overripe world, is there something remaining?
Is there purity left in this corrupted world to defend?
A flock of misbeliefs and lies, the truth is draining

This is important, what you have trampled over
It is impossible to fix this one devastating mistake
It it finally realized, the worth of salvation's poser
Any follower of evolution is nothing but a fake

L & R, the sound has ceased to flow out
But it is too late to fix the problems at hand
We have doomed the world, there is no doubt
Yet, do you know why we are still making a stand?

The world of man is demonic; what might justice be?
Resist it before you ask, you do not want to know
Keep your eyes on the dreams that behold hypocrisy
Dreaming of the peace of the times long, long ago

All the kids and adults share the same worries beyond doubt
The annoyance, the despise, the restlessness, the pressure
This song is sang in a voice that's already worn out
The need to become somebody else, to acquire pleasure

L & R, we no longer share, our ears hearing separate sounds
No longer can we identify good, no longer can we identify evil
There is nothing left of the connection in between towns
How could we forget, we are bound by the title of people?

The childishness between us keeps us at war
The pain, the irritation, the unhappiness, the aversion
Is there any way to bring back the peace, like before?
The path of evolution, we've turned it into reversion

In place of our evolution, there is slow destruction
The need to be powerful, the irritating demand to satisfy
The lies of power and importance, the easiest seduction
Has anyone else realized this is evolution's alibi?

L & R, once before, we wore one side in each of our ears
But look at us now, separated by worthless lies
Someone tell me the amount of useless cried tears
Have we finally lost the ability to become allies?