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Understanding like a river

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  • Understanding like a river

    Let understanding pour like rain,
    I know it will deliver,
    And quench the timeless longing,

    For peace to flow like river.
    If all would understand,
    Other’s joys and sorrows bold,
    Then empathy would spawn,
    A thousand hearts of gold.
    Understanding’s like a picture,
    Not in parts, but as a whole.
    Not in pieces, but as many,
    In the heart, the mind, the soul.
    Find your inner person,
    Hiding from the light.
    Fix his broken wings,
    And teach him endless flight.
    Why do people never stop,
    And wonder of their neighbors?
    How they make it through the day,
    Through sadness and their labors
    Wanderers who brave the night,
    A single house without a light,
    A man on the streets who moans and cries,
    Little girls with tears in eyes.
    Homeless families saying grace,
    Children trying to find a place.
    A lad who steals, but gives it back,
    A man with clothes ne’er on his back.
    A girl with secrets on her brow,
    We’d all be kind if fate would allow.
    With no more avoiding,
    The pain and the strife,
    Facing the music,
    The music of life.

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    Awesome poem!


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      Thank you so much!