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  • Broken Body

    Broken Body

    Every part of a human is broken

    Broken down into cracks and pieces
    Hair, adorned for the public to care
    Eyes, made to see the world shed
    Nose, to smell the sadness you don’t notice
    Lips, to tell every lie you’ve known
    Ears, to hear about new news, new lies
    Fingers, each one with a different insult
    Hands, to cause the chaos you’ve already done
    Legs, to walk you wherever you want
    Feet, to guide your positions
    Don’t ever forget your soul
    You soul, to bear the weight of your lies
    Your burdens, your tears
    They’re heavy, you know
    But you don’t notice the lone one
    Whose soul has died millennia ago
    Soul was too burdened by the weight
    The weight of the world, on her small shoulders