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    Sneaking pulling itself out from the crevices,
    The habitat and not the monster is the nemesis,
    let the battle begin and we'll see who the winner is.
    The Victor, the killer,
    Who'll devour whom for dinner.
    Uncomprehending eyes,
    Wake to sunrise,
    and in disguise,
    everything that'll be its demise,
    Looking to the skies,
    Questioning why do only few fly.
    Are they better adapted,
    Have I not been impacted,
    does asking these questions really contribute to my growth or am I just distracted,
    Are my thoughts inactive?
    Potentials frozen,
    Threads of the mind are too tightly woven,
    allows no motion.
    Tug on a thread,
    Let the action spread,
    The formation of a new composition will start to embed.
    like the strings of an instrument finely tuned,
    Will result in a sweet symphony of whats been consumed,
    Built what's necessary to divert from doom,
    The creation of a habitat where there is now room,
    To bloom.
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