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  • Fairy Tale

    The clock has struck midnight
    The woman has ended the fight
    The girl woken up from a 100-year slumber
    Oh, Cinderella, 12:00 is not just a number
    Falling in love with a beast of a man
    Adventuring off to a far away land
    Lose your slipper, running from nothing but time
    Being locked when you have not committed crime
    Saving one from being drowned
    Keeping your father from your treasures being found
    Carrying a basket full of food
    Walking through the forest, wearing a red hood
    Oh, little lady, let down your hair
    But be gone from your love, oh, despair!
    A poor man wanting just a small crumb
    Rubbing a shiny lamp, his fingers weak and numb
    A boy who laughed, and cried again and again
    Crying for a wolf, then came one from the glen
    Two small children, parents gone poor
    Searching through the forest, until upon candy floor
    Oh man, oh man, with a name not known
    The queen, who had straw gold sewn
    The piper, the piper, who wanted only money as his prize
    Then whistled a tune, took children of all size
    A lady, so beautiful, fair, too fair it seemed to another
    Bring her heart, liver, lungs, to her own stepmother
    Golden locks, golden locks, walks through with no care
    Little did she know, she was to be torn by a bear
    Oh little duck, little duck so unhappy and ugly
    Ugly you are so, but more now lucky
    Peter, oh Peter, take me away a land of Never
    Where we’ll never grow up, stay here forever
    Pigs, 3 brothers, want to create a new house
    Straw, sticks, bricks, a huff and a puff will try to rouse
    Jack, plant the magical beans
    Up the stalk, meeting the giant by all means
    Emperor, dear Lord, you are not wearing much
    Your Majesty, your new clothes, not of fancy such
    Let’s begin with the start
    End with no heart
    The fairy tale shall end
    Perhaps we’ve now made a new friend