As I enter this room
do not be quick to assume
For my actions I can claim
to all I will simply explain

The world being far from young
though its inhabitants so dumb
Its inhabitants so innocent
yet the world not so temperate

A child's upbringing is critical
I love my daughter, Pitiful
This new world is not for her
oh how the old one was simpler

I protect her from any danger to my extent
unknowingly passage to it I lent
Into its clutches she was sent
my wit was beyond spent

Then what a relief that she was safe
but to her ignorance it did chafe
Power over her I had lost
tempers and egos had crossed

Away from me she escaped
trouble that lied before her was draped
With questionable company she kept
for her safety I wept

So went I to save her from the Lion's Den
finally when I caught her I cried Amen
I tried to convince her how the world was so cold
no matter what her position was sold

I had taken matters into my own hands
if I could not save her then nobody can
With her head met my gauge
then another shell in her ribcage

At last, with me she will be always
never to tarry another day
Now the act has been committed I must say
‚Äč that I killed my daughter yesterday