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  • The Shaker The Baker

    The Shaker The Baker
    The grand move maker,
    The cosmic rocker,
    The cold earth Quaker,
    The unexpected storm,
    The freezing chill,
    The gently warm,
    The flood out of control,
    The grip that suddenly takes hold,
    The force of the Soul.
    One can be like stone.
    One can be like Mud.
    One can be an exploding missile.
    One can be a dud.
    Time to sort out;
    The real folk from the fakers.
    Line up side by side.
    Lets take a look in the eye.
    No time to cry.
    These are the reasons why;
    One gave you more,
    than was given any other.
    The power to think, to learn,
    to analyze and discover.
    To take One's destiny-
    In their hand.
    To spread peace and prosperity-
    Across, the land,
    Now that it is time to expand.
    Tell me. Who understands?
    How to rise to the call.
    On explosive demands.
    Who will stand up, with the rich, stand with the poor?
    Who can stand at the threshold. And? Hold open the door!
    The Shaker The Baker, the grand move maker,
    The cosmic rocker; The cold earth Quaker.
    Is it an Al Capone?
    Or some good person unknown.
    Is it flesh and blood.
    Is it Iron and Stone.
    Is it of this earth.
    Is it subject to creation and birth.
    Is it all, alone, on a universal telephone?
    Making calls some can see.
    The key to modern history.
    Knocking hard on an ancient mystery.

    The Shaker The Baker
    e grand move maker.
    The giver and the taker.
    The Iron Rod breaker
    Bane of the fakers. The Cold Earth Quaker.
    Old lover of the earth. The one who will wake her.
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