When living your life it's essential to see
The events that unfold in your own private movie.
There will be humor and struggles too
Pain and love is what you'll view.
Thrill and suspense will also be
Included within your life's movie.
There will be characters who will enter and leave
Some major, some minor so please take heed.
Some characters you meet you'll want to deflect
Since their negative energy will have a destructive effect.
They're filled with drama and immersed in action
So try not to show an emotional reaction.
Plus there may be times when conflicts arise
So interactions with them may come to a rapid demise.
Then this part of your movie will come to an end
So move on to the next scene and watch it begin.
Other characters you meet will simply astound
Since their positive energy is rather profound.
They're filled with love, joy, and peace
So your relations with them will surely increase.
And the light that surrounds you, you'll truly adore
While the serenity they bring you darts through your heart's door.
But if there comes a time when you need to arrange
A part of your movie just edit and change.
Remember you are the movie's inspector
So change what you need and be the movie's director.
To end this poem I hope you've learned
That life has characters, twists, and turns.
But every character you know as well as you meet
Will bring you a gift that is placed at your feet.