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A precious Rose

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  • A precious Rose

    Twenty four hours have past.
    In the measurement of time.
    That's a sunrise,sunset and a moons shadowily cast.
    But in my eyes it's been a long hard grime.

    One complete rotation of earth.
    On an axis slightly at a tilt.
    Is all this pain really worth.
    Not wanting to know this guilt.

    A complete day has now gone.
    One thousand four hundred and forty minutes behind.
    I fell more alone.
    Thoughts racing through my mind.

    As each of the eighty four thousand and four hundred seconds slowly tick.
    I remember the joys and plans made.
    Now with each thought I feel increasingly sick.
    How I wish that time I could somehow trade.

    Did I do something wrong.
    Is their something That can change.
    To how many others does this horror belong.
    An empty felling now very strange.

    To feel a life growing inside.
    From a embryo to the fetuses heartbeat.
    An expecting mothers pride.
    Replaced by thoughts of self pity and defeat.

    A name we had already chose.
    For our daughter soon to hold.
    Her name was to include Rose.
    Shivers run through me more than any cold.

    It is hard for me say goodbye.
    Holding her perfectly formed body so tight.
    Seeing the once father to be in a mournful cry.
    Clouds cover this moonless night.

    To this I don't understand.
    To carry without any problems throughout the term.
    Fate has dealt a cruel hand.
    Never a issue or doctors concern.

    Dressing her as the tears flow.
    Why is this happening now.
    No longer will little Rose continue to grow.
    I hope medical advances can soon stop this somehow.

    A mother of four.
    Twins and a older boy makes three.
    My little girl flying with angels as they soar.
    Rose my entrenal daughter to be.

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