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    Stomach pains:
    But not sure if it's from society's pollution or propagandas dissolution
    I'm sick. and I'm not sure if it's from all the anxiety of my textbooks lyin to me
    or the illusion that I was being taught I can be whoever I want to be
    Now I'm doubled over on my knees.
    I want to wash it down with vinegar but not sure if that will make it all the more sinister
    I'd call a minister but with all the lies fed by the church Id say I'm not really into her
    You feelin me though?
    Let me explain another way:
    As a product of this culture
    I'm trying to be someone I'm not forced to be
    Pre-made-image-silhouette I don't wanna be
    Bombshell-beauty-so-fake I can't even see
    Between all the lines I feel hypnotized
    So that what's deep inside is blind
    From all the media
    That's feeding ya
    with negativity disguised as
    To heal your stomach pains
    Caused by years of tryin to stay sane.
    Now I'm sick.
    But I'm not sure if it's from the depression
    caused by the suppression
    of knowing there's something greater
    but not being able to attain it
    The good feelings I can't sustain it
    It may sound like I'm just complainin’
    But I'm not the one to blame for it,
    Although I often feel I'm just remainin’
    in this sick state of mind
    Hypnotized and blind
    I know the suffocation is often an illusion that I'm choosin’
    Because I haven't found the proper medicine
    And I haven't yet even really let ya in
    To diagnose the issues and the misuse
    That the years of suppression has caused which led to this depression.
    So now I'm sick.
    And you say you can heal me?
    I'm doubled over on my knees, please
    This isolation needs a delegation in order to heal me of this type of stagnation
    I need a proclamation put out by this entire nation that it's no longer going to allow segregation
    It's about time to follow the Declaration
    Because equality does not result in deportation
    Or a system that deprives some of an education just because they need translation
    I mean this nation was formed from immigration
    Are we forgetting our true origination:
    White people coming over for exploration
    Needing liberation
    But then that turned into legislation of domination
    It should not be the norm to practice dissipation
    And media should no longer be our sedation
    Because truth is, I don't need a man's affirmation
    Self-worth is not found on a iPhone application
    And my body's more than just a temptation
    I need meditation just to get the motivation
    So I can find the strength to reach self-actualization
    We shouldn't be punished for delivering true information
    Like: corporations are the ones cut from taxation
    Even though they make more than 99 in summation
    And minimum wage should follow inflation
    Has our economy frozen in the formation during gestation?
    Damn were developing into a mutation
    Civilization at its peak is retardation
    Because now there's more starvation
    And the priority is no longer conservation
    Power and money more important than preservation
    Even to point were murdering vegetation
    Rich and poor can't even have a cordial conversation
    Because the rich are so comfortable in their exploitation
    That they can't even see what's best for the next generation
    I mean, people get life in prison for just a drug altercation
    And then liberty itself is what is taken in confiscation
    Racism shouldn't happen at every police station
    People getting shot just because of some misrepresentation?
    I would say that's more than just a "complication"
    Privileged minds so blind they stuck with constipation
    Yet pray away their sins with their self-righteous divination
    You know religion is not just about condemnation
    And the church is more than a Sunday morning congregation
    Have we forgotten that freedom means salvation
    Have we forgotten that love is the essence of reformation
    This is where we find true inspiration
    This is where we find true liberation
    I don't think this requires further explanation
    How's that for a proclamation
    It's about time I get some compensation.