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    I try to know my body as it ages
    But it is easy to feel betrayed
    The limbs, once limber
    Now feel dull, and heavy
    And they run tests and tell me I have pinched nerves and high cholesterol
    Iron deficiency
    And my body tells me to go to bed early
    And quit drinking
    I do neither
    And hope my juvenile and pointless acts of defiance will stave off the inevitable
    And when I see my little brother
    I tell him to savor the sweetness of youth
    And I know that he hears me
    He hears me and he listens but he cannot understand
    Just like I did not understand when I was given the same advice by my older brother
    And I am young still and know
    I must heed the advice I am so eager to dispense to others
    These maladies that cause me to fret and lose sleep are not debilitating They do not prevent me from doing what I love
    There are people, far better than me
    Who have it far worse
    And one day, I will look back and realize that pinched nerves, high cholesterol, and min-
    eral deficiencies are paltry in the shadow of what I then face
    From the moment we are first thrust in to
    this world
    We are invisibly imprinted with an expiration date A day when the bodies that have been such faithful hosts to our souls will fall into that mysterious night where we will all one day meet
    And there is no way to know on which day our moment of expiration will occur
    And perhaps that is for the best I have come to realize that
    Accepting one's mortality is the basis of a meaningful life It imbues each moment with poignancy and urgency
    And I know that day will come but I choose not to cower in the shadow of that truth
    Each morning, I will mark the passage of time with a full heart, treating each square on the calendar as an inspiration date and celebrating another day I get to be a part of this strange and wonderful world
    Pinched nerves and all …

    - David Rebelak
    Rockford, IL