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  • Behind My Eye

    A maze of clutter lives inside my head.
    My silent weakness is clearly misread.

    Deadlines, dry and concrete, take a front seat.
    Limit upon limit flaunt my defeat.

    The hours of life are lived too quickly.
    Ultimately, the night shall swell thickly.

    Yet past the clocks and behind the masks...
    Above the duties and beside the tasks,

    Over the mess and beyond the rubble,
    Lives a voice that obscures my sly trouble.

    For behind my eye sighs a little white lie.
    One that pawns me the entire night sky.

    To hear this whisper is to own the whole moon.
    And to hold its touch is to feel my heart swoon.

    Because, once upon a time, I was trapped.
    My new heart was concealed and untapped.

    But now I sing with the clouds and the breeze.
    With each note, I rid myself of disease.

    Now I understand with every piece of my whole.
    That the voice, after all, is my own vintage soul.