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Who will win this Contest? by Boe Bobby Del By Burke

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  • Who will win this Contest? by Boe Bobby Del By Burke

    Today's a Super day for American football fans,
    armchair quarterbacks are analyzing, strategies
    and both game plans.Will the D Play zone,
    or will it be man to man,Patriots versus Seahawks,
    eighty three thousand in the stands.

    Food for every palate, beer in kegs and cans,
    chicken wings and nachos, in the oven a spiral ham.
    There's cooking in the kitchen, and frying in the pan,
    calamari and guacamole, the finest in the land.

    The teams come out of the tunnel to cheering and wild
    applause, one of the few times tonight, where there' s
    a conversation pause. All eyes are riveted to the Big
    Screen TV, everyone's excited, what will the outcome be?.

    Katy Perry at halftime wouldn't be my first choice,
    the younger generation's gonna hate me,
    "shut up, she's got a great voice!"
    To me it's all about that bass and food, no treble,
    maybe the halftime show won't be so terrible.

    Some like to predict, the hero of the game, I hope
    it's not the Patriots,cause cheaters are pretty lame.
    A cheater in the Hall of Fame, the thought is quite

    Sorry New England, I live in the state of New Yawk,
    Seattle 's gonna beat em and stick em with a fork,
    and when the game is over, I hope they're poppin
    the cork, and Tom Brady's deflated and lookin like a dork!

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    LOL That's funny!


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      Ha Ha Deeja! Glad it made you laugh!