Hard To Understand

There are those worse off so I don’t complain
I just often miss running like in my younger days
I could jump on my horse without asking for help
Ride off all day without getting anyone’s assistance

It’s hard to understand. You know?
How I got here from how I was a long time ago.

Oh how I hate to depend, but depend I now must.
To go here, there or anywhere I’m such a big fuss.

People say it’s no bother but I know surely it is.
So I’d rather pay someone to help with my biz.

For friends aren’t friends too very long
once weary of the constant help me song.

I pray for understanding but it never comes.
How’d I end up living like an unwanted bum?

Is this a twist of fate or by some grand design?
Maybe if I could just understand, then I’d be fine.