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I Shall Desire Perfection Still

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  • I Shall Desire Perfection Still

    Hath God, for me, created thee?
    Amongst the blessed my name will be.
    For once my soul shall rest with ease,
    Reclined amidst a soothing breeze.
    But why, then, doth thy presence sting,
    Disrupting all my functioning?
    It cannot be, for God’s benign,
    And all His gifts of kind design.

    Hath evil hands devised thine end?
    My helpless soul thou shalt befriend.
    Like clouded nights where light must fade,
    All hope within will darkness shade.
    But why, then, doth thine essence glow,
    As lamps in heaven shine below?
    It cannot be, to my delight,
    For nothing curbs such piercing sight.

    Have i constructed thee instead?
    Thou art the thrall, and i, the head.
    Thy voice i’ll hear with no delay,
    For my command thou must obey.
    But where, then, doth thy footprints hide,
    For i, in vain, for thee have cried?
    It cannot be, for in my mind
    All thoughts, by thee, remain confined.

    If mine’s the path of truthful laws,
    Then woe is me, for what’s thy cause?
    Hath Truth appeared to me revealed,
    Or hath Her beauty been concealed?
    But even if thy load’s severe,
    Or if thy music charms the ear,
    Or if thou art against my will,
    I shall desire perfection still.

    Notes: hath = has/have; thou/thee = you; amongst = among; doth = do/does; thy/thine = your; art = are.