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  • Understand

    To understand is a demand
    Too great for some
    One must process and think
    Then comprehend none
    While an attempt to understand
    Is foreign to few
    Success rates are low
    That I knew
    The same language
    One would think
    Would eliminate barriers
    When in fact it can actually
    Make things much scarier
    Why you may ask
    I do not understand
    All I know is that I’d rather speak
    Than text with my hands
    People perceive words and phrases
    With different tones
    Difficulty is common
    Simplicity unknown
    One wrong letter
    Can cause immense confusion
    If only people would believe illusions
    Trying to understand
    Something that is easy to you
    Is like rocket science to me
    If only there was a method
    As easy as 1-2-3
    It is merely impossible
    To understand some people’s actions and thoughts
    But stupidity is entertainment
    Apparently worth a lot