Alright everyone gather round
I'm here to divulge some information I feel is profound
Why do we treat the world as our own hunting ground
Brutality of fighting continues to confound
Finger of blame easily cast around
Response to hear war cries resound
We claim to be delivering freedom, but death always surrounds
Family homes turn to a rubble mound
Situations where desperation abound
Fathers, mothers, and children crying you can hear the sound
Why does sadness lead to hate which always compounds
Those who are affected we must be quick to surround
Give them another chance to be happy instead of pushed around
Discussion with kind words is the best response I have found

How do we put ourselves in other people's shoes
The only things we know are what we hear on the news
Which the media has control over, they can pick and choose
Allowed to make the edits which give them good reviews
Like which celebrity is drinking what booze
Please excuse, my inability to be amused
While people are killing other people because they are from different crews
Why does this transgression ensue
Response is jail cells, just like zoos
When we need to understand the root cause, what's the fuse
Like a detective we should follow the clues
Before the wound there was a bruise
How does violence seem like the answer, I'm left so confused
If we all come together we can aim to collaborate, and understand each other's views

Mark Annevelink
Newport Beach - Ca