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Understanding you no more

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  • Understanding you no more

    Dad was a drunk,
    Mamma made the bread,
    And it's not like my dad didn't love us he just preferred the alcohol instead,
    Lost count of how many tears I heard mom
    Lost count of how many times mom laid all day in bed,
    and I hate you for it,
    Used to cry tears of madness outside of the door steps,
    Guess you just didn't see the effect it had on us,
    I'm tiered of wanting to understand you,
    Or giving you excuses for it,
    I carried the weight you left behind,
    And became a bigger man than you are,
    Hope I didn't take it too far,
    But this is how I became after I saw you drive Away in your car.

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    I really like your poem. I has so much meaning to it!