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Banks and Bridges

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  • Banks and Bridges

    Banks and Bridges

    A river is defined by its opposing banks
    which support and contain the life-giving
    flow that serves us all. Understanding comes
    when we build bridges to connect us.
    Will Mathison

    A great river flows across the Country
    dividing the coastline and mountains,
    the valleys and Plains, as it courses
    through the towns and cities on its shores.

    Residents on either side have differing
    Opinions, customs, and needs they find
    Important. Each side lacks understanding
    Because of the isolation, but both sides
    Embrace the river.

    The river provides strength to everyone
    along the route as well to the distant
    cities that are served by tributaries

    of this great body of water. All benefit
    from the output of resources made possible
    by work of this river:

    producing power, sustaining crops, helping
    the work of the nation, and serving as highways
    to share the resources to make us all stronger.

    This broad stream, this strong unending power
    flows towards the sea, down the slope of the country,
    the origin far back in the distance from a seemingly

    small beginning but growing bigger and stronger
    over time, but strengthened itself by the addition
    of a multitude of tributaries that add to it
    all along its course of existence.

    The same clear spring from which it began
    is constantly replenished from the mountain
    heights, the showers from above, and some
    inner source deep within the earth.

    Each bank supports and defines the river
    and residents on each side of the land it divides
    uses the strength and resources provided
    in the way they find most agreeable.

    But the river itself cannot exist without these banks
    without the support from each side, without the
    contribution of flow from the bordering territories.

    Neither side, neither bank is strong enough to keep
    the river whole and so to serve all the needs
    of the nation. And so we all must choose to abide

    on one side or another, but bridges of
    connection must be built to share in the goods
    and good of one another. Bridges of understanding.

    Every resident on each side has a role in
    shouldering a portion of the burden
    to keep our Great River flowing,

    reaching out in mutual help to those
    in need around us and to those across
    the bridges of division, all co-forces
    in the noble task of this Great Land.

    We all live downstream from fellow citizens,
    and across the steam from a large portion of
    of our land. It is the bridges,

    only the bridges that join us together
    increasing the strength in the land on
    both sides of the banks

    both banks embracing the Great River
    that serves us all, sustains us all and is

    defined, by design, by these two Banks.

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    I wrote Banks and Bridges to try to express my feelings about the divisions currently present in our country and the need to see that opposing views serve a purpose but compromise is necessary and this can only be achieved by working toward understanding.