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Super Bowl XLIX

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  • Super Bowl XLIX

    Countdown till kickoff.
    T-minus nine hours.
    As the Seahawks and Patriots standoff.
    Standing in between two great NFL powers.

    A media stirring up the commotion.
    Of the games rules and regulations.
    Deflated pigskins used as a way of promotion.
    Making it easier to build a gamblers spread of foundations.

    Both teams of this gridiron game.
    Have a record of fourteen and four.
    But a lost could place a blame.
    On the many flags on the floor.

    This rhyme of mine.
    Is my prediction.
    A game reflecting today's times.
    Of reporting contradictions.

    The coin is tossed.
    Seattle to receive.
    Patriots with yards lost.
    Seahawks two fumbles to retrieve.

    A close game at halftime.
    But Seattle came to play.
    A touchdown behind.
    History in the making as a sportscaster will say.

    A Super Bowl record to be passed.
    Of flags thrown and yards returned.
    One hundred and twenty four million watch the games cast.
    As records of passed are burned.

    When the game is done.
    The stage is set.
    We all had fun.
    And some a gamblers regret.

    A final score I will not call.
    Seahawks own Super Bowl XLIX.
    The game after "the deflated ball".
    A game of records and changing times.