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"A feeling Like No Other"

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  • "A feeling Like No Other"

    "The Beauty of The Hunt”
    As I sit here and ponder
    I begin to wonder
    Are the animals I kill in vain
    Or do they have meaning
    They don’t have a name
    After all, these animals are wild,
    Not tame
    They can’t come in
    During a heavy, hard rain
    But they own a heart
    They have a brain
    They draw breath
    A hunt is about life over death
    Seeing the animals live
    I wonder if they forgive
    I take their life to continue mine
    I like to think our spirits combine
    Watching the animals walk
    And in their own way, talk
    This all amazes me
    This all ends so I can be
    The matter of fact is blunt
    This is the beauty of the hunt