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  • Autism

    We have come so far yet we have become so cruel

    Vaccinations, Yeast, Cures, Hatred and Contempt, Bullying and Torture in the school

    You try to change me; you attempt to rearrange me

    I may not understand your jokes and I may not speak as you wish, I may cry when it's wrong and to you I may never belong.

    But I will not feel ashamed; I will not try to change

    It is I that you hurt and you hate and you blame, simply because my brain is not the same

    I have asked you to explain why I must become Normal. Normal Lies, Cheats and Steals. Unique Defies, Defeats, and Feels

    If I may never be known for sarcastic lies and attacks, so be it. If I may never be as I'm told and act as if I'm old, so be it. If I never say it as you please, and if I never learn to tease, so be it.

    I do not live in the majority, however I will assert my authority. My world is free of restrictions and contradictions. What you have altered, deceived and switched, in my world is unfaultered, perceived and fixed

    You have been labeled as Normal and I as Autistic, however when we are together it is you who goes ballistic. Feeding me pills and locking me up, just so I can be like you.

    I have been told that you fear what you do not know, but I believe you refuse to hear what is so. I am aware that you seem unable to understand my voice, but unlike I, this is your choice.