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  • Faded

    Have you ever met someone with vacant eyes?
    All hollowed out with no hope or chance of surprise.
    Even their skin is kind of transparent.
    All gray and chalky, but oddly inherent.

    Life has put them through the wash too many times.
    Each trauma that came by washed the color out of their lives.
    So don’t assume that each person who seems to be hurting
    Is a bum, a drug addict, a criminal, or burglar.

    While that may actually be the case.
    Chances are those are symptoms of a bigger problem to face.
    Far too often, people use their vices to escape.
    And, remember what happens when you remove the outer tape?

    For most of these people over and over life left them jaded.
    And, so now, they have had no choice but to become faded.
    In more ways and variations than most could ever imagine.
    So, I hope these images of fading will now elicit compassion.