Not constantly stressin
About my profession
Who could've guessed that kid was a weapon
Misses missed my conception , that's a miss misconception
Y'all would blame it on the youth, when they shoot instead of tested
My roots run deep
I'm Sudanese
No blues for me
History bores me
Still craving for the day the ladies adore me
The name changes is brain banging I'm sure

Seathing backwood out the back door with my back towards opponents
This is rap war, Who you rap for? White rap owners or your homies
Not an actor but I act like these lines would lead to bonuses
Having hand outs for homeless men hoping that their next night isn't spent hungry
Show a few components, viewed as gorgeous on this colorful assortment
Still tugging mics until it's cordless

My porch lit up a portrait of people killing each other
Lit up portions of their neighborhoods
Brothers killing their brothers
Tryna show em all a reason to love one another...