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    †Tragedy / September 11, 2001 / 11:46 pm†

    ♬First Verse♬
    ♪Waking up to the sun staring through my blinds
    ♪A sense of an evil sign

    ♪Coughing as I inhale the smoke
    ♪Thoughts aren't clear
    ♪Death is no joke

    ♪Confused with this life
    ♪What other sick Tragedy is left to come

    ♪McVeigh executed for the Oklahoma bombing
    ♪Planes now being used as explosives for the bombing
    ♪For all the States suffering
    ♪I feel pain for everybody

    ♪America is now under attack
    ♪Terrorists act out a suicidal hijack
    ♪The Elite represent my back
    ♪Depression has hands reaching into a sack

    ♪Planes headed to destroy N.Y.C.
    ♪Planes headed to destroy Washington D.C.
    ♪All of them to act like a kamikaze
    ♪All destined to die and hit their target

    ♪Suffering and pain caused by a terrorist
    ♪Everybody in America is full of rage and pissed
    ♪Their innocent lives will be missed
    ♪Lost loves never feeling kissed

    ♪Grey clouds of smoke
    ♪Flames erupted as soon as the plane hit the building

    ♪Cell phones cut dead
    ♪Families cut off
    ♪Searching for responsiblity
    ♪The clues are next to come

    ♪America waiting to retaliate
    ♪A world full of hate
    ♪Death is every souls true fate
    ♪These lyrics are all I can dedicate

    ♪It's far from over
    ♪Now time for justice
    ♪An eye for an eye fighting style
    ♪We got every right to finish the blood war

    ♪We live in a really sick world
    ♪Take a look at the outcomes in your life

    ♪Watching the news about the bombings
    ♪Other countries havIng a parade
    ♪Throwing candy from their cars as if it was a celebration
    ♪But it was such a hateful explosion

    ♪Clapping and being proud for what's happened in America
    ♪Watch us bomb your country

    ♬Second Verse♬
    ♪Pilots killed with knives
    ♪Condolences to all the lost lives

    ♪So much concern
    ♪It's sad that money makes this world turn
    ♪Why is suffering and violence something we must learn
    ♪Buildings falling as the innocent burn

    ♪How could they get control of 4 of our planes
    ♪Was it just a terrorist group or another country
    ♪Nobody is willing to take the blame
    ♪Is the evidence really out there

    ♪Terrorists pass through security
    ♪A flaw is found nothing has purity

    ♪Rage is in the majority
    ♪Wanting revenge for the minority

    ♪Because this wasn't right
    ♪Killing people in the thousands
    ♪Seeking revenge
    ♪Searching for solutions

    ♪A plane crashes into the Pentagon
    ♪America's guard is now on
    ♪Ship to war every prison con
    ♪Label me as the President and Don

    ♪Its time for America to take action
    ♪And stop the terrorist attacks

    ♪World peace will never have countries unite
    ♪Now suffer in the Bloody Nite

    ♪Eyes on the fires cherry
    ♪The world is really unsafe and scary

    ♪The Government orders out the military
    ♪So many Lost Souls will be relocated to the cemetery

    ♪Tears hit the ground
    ♪America is now under attack

    ♪Planes like missles
    ♪No reason to use pistols
    ♪Shuffling whistles
    ♪Lost Souls travel throughout The Abyss

    ♬Third Verse♬
    ♪The attack is on America
    ♪Look at all the suffering and pain

    ♪Did this happen because of the Middle East
    ♪Searching for the country that acted like a beast

    ♪Planes acted like a bomb on the World Trade Center
    ♪Complete peace is a place we'll never enter

    ♪There will always be another country jealous of us
    ♪Seeking destruction by killing all of us

    ♪People running in the building as it started to collapse
    ♪Panic and fear for a way out

    ♪People dying in their wheelchair
    ♪Flames fill the air
    ♪Deep down everyone does care
    ♪So many disasters that aren't fair

    ♪America is now under attack
    ♪Creating Tragedy
    ♪A shock to make us wonder

    ♪I look high in the sky
    ♪Where was God when this all went down
    ♪Questionz Why

    ♪This world makes me think
    ♪Such things make me confused

    ♪Why is this world full of hate
    ♪These lyrics are all I can dedicate

    ♪A possible World War III
    ♪We stand for the country that's free
    ♪Streets fill with debris
    ♪My eyes struggle to see

    ♪A plane falls in Pa making a crater
    ♪Evidence might be found later

    ♪In The Dayz Of Dark Amerika
    ♪Not sure if I enjoy the Quiet Breeze
    ♪Not sure how I feel about this world

    ♪The army is on alert
    ♪So many Americans killed and hurt

    ♪The Darkest Hourz
    ♪Planes hit the 2 World Trade Towers
    ♪America its time to take power

    ♬Fourth Verse♬
    ♪How could anybody hurt all these lives
    ♪They were all innocent

    ♪None of them deserved to die
    ♪So much suffering and pain

    ♪Watch America rebuild
    ♪But where will the money come from
    ♪The economy continues to fall
    ♪No solutions are fixing the problem

    ♪The world makes you laugh with comedy
    ♪Suffering and pain are attached to Tragedy

    ♪Taking blood donations
    ♪Survivors aren't even known by the news station
    ♪Searching for answers around the nation
    ♪Security needs to be better for air aviation

    ♪Candles lite in a chapel
    ♪Bomb threats to our Capitol

    ♪Shifting through the madness
    ♪Trying to see past the ash and smoke

    ♪We'll find who's responsible
    ♪And watch them suffer and die

    ♪Streets filled with car gridlocks
    ♪Shines from my gold Shamrocks

    ♪Better searches are needed by the F.A.A.
    ♪When will America see Brighter Dayz

    ♪Terrorists walk past the X-ray
    ♪Economic growth will be a delay

    ♪My Deepest Thoughtz
    ♪To all the lives lost

    ♪Clear the tear from your eye
    ♪Try not to cry

    ♪Closing the West Bank
    ♪Surveillance by those in rank
    ♪Watching the fighters and bombers
    ♪Followed by all the tanks

    ♪I strike a match
    ♪Condolences to all the families related to the crash

    ♪Such courage by the fire fighting heroes
    ♪Battling the blaze at Ground Zero

    ♪Why is there so much suffering and violence
    ♪Here is all the Tragedy

    ♪American born
    ♪Revenge is sworn
    ♪Families mourn
    ♪Tragedy is born

    †Dedicated To Everyone Effected by 9-11†
    †Dedicated To America†
    ©CopyRighted September 11, 2001©
    ®All Rights Reserved®
    ™Nikey - Nykie, Derived From The Album, “The Abyss“™

    [email protected]
    Kenmore, New York
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    Please Tell Me This Ends At Midnight Tonight, Posted Under Share Poetry Forum By Accident.


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      Never published, it was copyrighted by email.