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This Ain't No Country Club Up In Here: Understanding Church Membership

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  • This Ain't No Country Club Up In Here: Understanding Church Membership

    I don’t know what thoughts were flowing through your mind when you walked through the doors,
    But there is something I need to make absolutely clear,
    This is a working house of worship for the living God,
    This ain’t no country club up in here.

    This is not the place to indulge your wants and wishes,
    We are a body of Christ that has been given the commission to spread the gospel of the good news,
    So, if you plan to be a part of this body,
    Be prepared to put on your working shoes.

    Selfishness, jealousy and hatred are not tolerated here,
    We are about the Father’s business and we work as a team,
    We believe in the Word and we are here to serve others,
    And we work diligently every day to make that the reality and not the dream.

    Don’t expect to waltz up in here, sit down and be entertained,
    We don’t need people who are just here to warm a pew,
    We are fighting against spiritual wickedness in high places,
    And there is just entirely too much work to do.

    If you decide to join us, be forewarned,
    Throwing a check in the offering basket is not the only way we show the community that we care,
    Be prepared to get your hands dirty and truly minister to your fellow human beings,
    Because as I said before, this ain’t no country club up in here.

    Talk is cheap, so I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is,
    We will need you to take a giant leap,
    You will be required to walk by faith and not by sight,
    Trusting in the principle that what you sow you shall also reap.

    Step out on the water with us,
    And be prepared to constantly be on the run,
    For the race we are running is for the kingdom of God,
    And our work is never truly done.

    At times you will be called upon to pray without ceasing,
    And at times things can get a little rough,
    But when the storms of life are roiling,
    That is when you must be firmly planted and capable of hanging tough.

    As a part of this body of Christ there are benefits too,
    You are never alone and someone always has your back,
    At those times in life when you are having difficulties,
    There is always a sister or brother to pick up the slack.

    When the waves of life swell and it feels like the world is being turned upside down,
    Remember that you are in the boat with the Master, who has the ability to turn the tide,
    As a committed and faithful child of the Lord,
    Trust in him and remember you are on the winning side.

    Kingdom work is hard work,
    And in this house of God everyone is expected to do there share,
    The rewards are awesome and eternal,
    So roll up your sleeves because it ain’t no country club up in here.

    Joycelyn E. Wade
    Hometown: Miami< FL
    email: [email protected]
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