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    ♥Connection ζ December 13, 2012 ζ 12:24 am♥

    ♬First Verse♬
    ♪Staring at a portrait on my heart's wall
    ♪This Dream Girl is one of the most Beautiful girls I ever saw
    ♪As I have memories to recall
    ♪Of events far from being small

    ♪Hands shake
    ♪As My Beautiful Eyes are open and awake
    ♪With feelings
    ♪Hard to take

    ♪Looking in the eyes of this incredible beauty
    ♪She's Dream Girl Beautiful
    ♪And is the most Beautiful girl I've ever seen
    ♪That I can't believe we're now being introduced

    ♪Every inch of this Dream Girl is so perfect
    ♪She's literally perfect
    ♪From her eyes
    ♪To her body
    ♪To her Breathtakin' face

    ♪But trying to hold the Drippin' Tears back
    ♪So it doesn't appear I'm falling apart
    ♪As were only meeting due to the death of a mutual Friend

    ♪He was my best Friend in my mid teens
    ♪A part of my scenes
    ♪He was still a present day Friend
    ♪A Friend I saw Til' Time Endz

    ♪But to my fallen Friend
    ♪She was as close as family
    ♪Completely unaware of this Connection
    ♪At the time

    ♪Or when I accidentally found her years later
    ♪But during these funeral events
    ♪I'd definitely see her quite often

    ♪She was there for all of the wakes
    ♪Anxiety causing me to tremble the day of the funeral and final wake

    ♪The song A Final Letter is being read
    ♪As I stand in front of a podium at the church
    ♪Expressing emotions from memories and thoughts in my head

    ♪Trying not to break down
    ♪But feeling the Streamin' Tearz coming
    ♪As the tears are causing my voice to break down

    ♪But I only allowed my voice to crack
    ♪With a few tears falling down my cheek
    ♪Trying to remain strong as I flowed out
    ♪What I was trying to read

    ♪Stopped A Final Letter for a second
    ♪Near the end because it feels like I'm going to break down
    ♪But can't and then restarted it where I left off
    ♪5 lines away from the end

    ♪Carrying his casket out of the church
    ♪As one of his pall bearers
    ♪Pushing his casket
    ♪All the way into the back of the hurst

    ♪Seeing all of my friends and his friends walk up to me
    ♪All of 'em so happy due to that song
    ♪Saying the song made 'em all cry
    ♪And remember so many memories from when he was alive

    ♬Second Verse♬
    ♪Now at the burial of that fallen Friend
    ♪That Dream Girl is standing right near me
    ♪Tears dripping down my cheek
    ♪Watching as a light blue casket is now approaching

    ♪Shaking from the winter cold
    ♪Thinking he never got to grow old
    ♪Remember seeing his name on the casket vault outlined in gold

    ♪Walking over to the light blue colored casket
    ♪Being told to stay back
    ♪Because their insurance won't allow me to touch it
    ♪Alright but I was only trying to help

    ♪Only four people are surrounding
    ♪A fresh dug grave
    ♪To watch the burial
    ♪Of a fallen Friend I was unable to save

    ♪A girl I originally met that first wake night
    ♪And talked to only a couple of times
    ♪But I was extremely Silent due to my situation of having a girlfriend
    ♪And being so shy

    ♪Saw my friend's mother which was her Godmother months later
    ♪And she's talking about that Dream Girl
    ♪As she's giving me more details about her

    ♪Thought her name was different
    ♪Than I originally thought it was
    ♪But in the past I've been so bad with names

    ♪For a second time forgot her Beautiful name
    ♪At the time too much stress in my life
    ♪But now she's the most Beautiful Dream Girl I've ever seen in my entire life

    ♪And the sad part is
    ♪I can't even remember her name
    ♪Even though in my heart she rose to such a high fame

    ♪Heard that day she had a boyfriend for years
    ♪Disappointed in hearing that
    ♪Because I'm now single
    ♪But found out she was younger than I thought

    ♪A girl I was so curious to know
    ♪But I had to give time for her to grow
    ♪As the years passed by so slow

    ♪I was only a couple years older
    ♪But based off her age
    ♪It wouldn't have been right to ask anything more about her

    ♪Time drifts
    ♪Never again seeing her
    ♪Or really hearing anything about her
    ♪But that Dream Girl never left my memory

    ♪So many nights I thought about her
    ♪Wondering where she was in this world
    ♪As the years passed by

    ♪But we only talked face to face
    ♪A couple of times
    ♪I doubt she ever thought about me
    ♪But now feeling that I need to change the direction of this story

    ♬Third Verse♬
    ♪Years passed
    ♪As we both matured
    ♪Time now traveling so fast

    ♪A Beautiful Dream Girl before my eyes
    ♪One of the most Beautiful females I've ever seen in my whole life

    ♪Captivated by her Beautiful blue eyes
    ♪Her attractive beyond Beautiful face
    ♪Seeing her Beautiful blonde hair shining in the sun
    ♪She's the most Beautiful Dream Girl I've ever seen

    ♪A message is sent
    ♪Expressing emotions
    ♪With feelings in words that are meant

    ♪Discovering that we both know each other
    ♪Feeling a Connection towards her
    ♪Like no other
    ♪As my Soft Heart turns even softer

    ♪A Scarred Heart jam packed
    ♪Covered in hundreds of love scars
    ♪Can't even imagine there's still spots left
    ♪But her spot continues to grow in length

    ♪Every girl before her is shrinking in significance
    ♪Just based off who she is
    ♪And in my heart
    ♪She's demolishing every other girls existence

    ♪So many things in common that we have
    ♪But have to watch my step
    ♪Due to my rep
    ♪So that my heart doesn't split in half

    ♪A girl that I could accept and love with any of her flaws
    ♪Doesn't matter about any of her imperfections in my eyes
    ♪Because in my eyes
    ♪When it comes to Femalez
    ♪She is the words true perfection

    ♪Barely no girl will ever be able to compare
    ♪An Amazin' girl like her is so unbelievably Rare
    ♪Don't think she even noticed all the times
    ♪I was locked in a stare

    ♪She's a girl I'd Alwayz stay committed to
    ♪Because with her
    ♪No other girl would be a temptation
    ♪Because I'd only want her by my side

    ♪Because no other girl could compete
    ♪To the way this girl causes my heart to skip a beat
    ♪Towards her she's causing me to act so sweet

    ♬Fourth Verse♬
    ♪Messages continue to commence
    ♪Feeling something fall
    ♪In my heart she just broke down the fortified wall

    ♪Towards her I formed an eternal Connection
    ♪A powerful attachment
    ♪From a powerful attraction

    ♪A ha every time she wants to laugh
    ♪This Dream Girl has an Amazin' personality
    ♪She seems so Good Hearted
    ♪As everything about her is adding up to be a perfect match

    ♪Possessing every quality I look for in a girl
    ♪On the outside
    ♪And definitely on the inside
    ♪Don't think I've ever met a girl as perfect as her

    ♪Anything could happen
    ♪When expressing feelings and thoughts
    ♪Through rapping

    ♪Days of no communication
    ♪Definitely a girl I'm starting to miss
    ♪But I've seen the future
    ♪I'll be Heart Broke in The Abyss

    ♪Sending her a message
    ♪To try and clear up the confusion
    ♪Really have to work on explaining things better
    ♪With less confusion

    ♪Continuing to talk
    ♪Every morning
    ♪I have a smile on my face
    ♪As I'm seeing her info on my phone

    ♪Worried But Smilin'
    ♪All I can do is go slow
    ♪And continue trying
    ♪With no lying

    ♪Like all girls
    ♪She deserves my honesty, loyalty, and respect
    ♪And for me to be deep, open, and sincere

    ♪All I can do is continue being her Friend
    ♪Being their for her
    ♪Hoping in time

    ♪That she's willing to give me One Chance
    ♪And maybe she could feel the same Connection
    ♪That I have towards her in my heart

    ♥Dedicated To Name Withheld (Unknown)♥
    †In Memory Of A Fallen Friend†
    ©CopyRighted December 13, 2012©
    ®All Rights Reserved®
    ™NeglectingYouthKillzIdealEarth ~ (Nykie)™

    [email protected]
    Kenmore, New York
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    Please tell me this ends at midnight today, posted under share poetry forum by Accident.


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