"Hi, my name is Mark
And I think the world of
Women who are searching
For a long lasting love."

"Hi, my name is Sherry
And I think the world of
Men who are loyal
To the concept of love."

"Sherry I'm a man
Who simply adores
A woman who's playful
That's what I look for."

"And Mark I'm a woman
Who tries to look for
A man who plays fairly
That's what I adore."

"Please understand
I search and I seek
For a woman whose love
Is rather unique."

"And please understand
I search and I seek
For a man who is loving
Every day of the week."

"Sherry do you yearn
For a man who is wise
A man who is honest
Plus a man without lies?"

"I desire a man
With an irresistible smile
Whose opinion of romance
Is so versatile.

Plus I crave to be held
And protected from harm
I love to be treasured
By a man in his arms.

And a man who's devoted
To a woman he loves
Is a man that I always
Think and dream of.

Mark do you yearn for

A woman who's smart
A woman who's supportive
With a strong loving heart?"

"I desire a woman
With a soft tender smile
A woman whose passion
Is so versatile.

And I like to be treasured
By a love that's so grand
From a woman who believes
I'm her ideal man.

Plus a woman who's devoted
To a man that she loves
Is a wonderful feature
I frequently think of."

"Mark I'm a woman
You really can trust
And also a woman
Who's looking for love."

"And Sherry I'm a man
Who's looking for love
And also a man
You truly can trust."

"Mark I have realized
You're the partner for me
The man I have searched for

"And Sherry you're the partner
That I'm searching for
Plus you are the woman
I'd forever adore."

So Sherry and Mark
Lived a long life of love
And what gave their life meaning
Fulfilled them enough.

But the lesson they learned
As they loved one another
Was the pure form of commitment
They shared with each other.