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    ♣Stop ζ January 27, 2014 ζ 11:08 pm♣

    ♬First Verse♬
    ♪We need to Stop all forms of abuse
    ♪All the things that plays out on the news
    ♪But this isn't something we decide to choose
    ♪Instead their looking to accuse

    ♪Instead of peace we have Portrayed Violence
    ♪Countries in a fake alliance
    ♪Left in silence
    ♪Showing defiance

    ♪Guns and knives
    ♪But their not responsible for the killing
    ♪Its only the people misusing 'em which are responsible for the killing
    ♪Because they choose to be willing

    ♪Minds planning a murder
    ♪Now becoming the observer
    ♪With no life preserver

    ♪Blood in the sky
    ♪From a drive-by
    ♪Their not caring that somebody will die
    ♪Which we will lead so many to cry

    ♪Shedding Streamin' Tearz
    ♪Because I'm seeing a world with nothing but fears
    ♪Its been that way for years
    ♪Can't you see the Reflection in all the mirrors

    ♪Worried But Smilin'
    ♪Now I'm just lying
    ♪But there's no fear in my heart
    ♪As a Scarred Heart rips apart

    ♪Never was one to be scared
    ♪Alwayz stood up for myself
    ♪Even if I'd lose
    ♪Because I Alwayz had something to prove

    ♪Stood up to bullies
    ♪But know I wasn't the only
    ♪Because I didn't listen to what was told to me

    ♪So many things that needs to Stop
    ♪But it seems like its all around to shop
    ♪Issues turning hot
    ♪Its so corrupt at the top

    ♬Second Verse♬
    ♪We need to Stop all female degradation
    ♪With respect being the only anticipation
    ♪We shouldn't need to have a trial or demonstration
    ♪That all rapists deserve castration

    ♪A fake man goes to rape
    ♪Some sick people even have it put on tape
    ♪A Failed Escape
    ♪With no safety gate

    ♪Then having to go through an uncomfortable rape exam
    ♪Then having to take the witness stand
    ♪As the news and newspapers have that story ran
    ♪Sad these guys call themselves a man

    ♪This needs to Stop
    ♪Rape isn't due to hip hop
    ♪But still have more things that needs to Stop
    ♪That I need to drop

    ♪Stop all the violence that's domestic
    ♪And that's aggressive
    ♪Doesn't everyone have the same impression

    ♪To this gesture
    ♪To all the males this isn't a lecture
    ♪But a requester
    ♪Due to a bright future investor

    ♪A female gets hit
    ♪The male population can be so sick
    ♪With the way they treat
    ♪Hearts retreat

    ♪Seeing a girl put sunglasses over a black eye
    ♪I'm struggling not to cry
    ♪These Burnin' Tearz won't dry
    ♪As anger is coming alive

    ♪What is wrong with some males
    ♪You belong in jails
    ♪Behind Locks
    ♪Stop thinking with your muscles and *****

    ♪Treat females right
    ♪Never getting in a physical fight
    ♪Having 'em seeing in a Distorted Sight
    ♪Hoping most men can see this light

    ♬Third Verse♬
    ♪Still so much needs to Stop
    ♪So muchbothers me
    ♪And upsets me
    ♪That this it needs to Stop

    ♪Stop all the abuse to animals
    ♪Their all such Beautiful creatures
    ♪And I'm not trying to be a preacher

    ♪All endangered animals need to be protected
    ♪But forget that all should be protected
    ♪And there shouldn't just be a few selected

    ♪Stop killing dolphins Japan
    ♪Their doing it so vicious and cruel
    ♪What they don't understand
    ♪Compassion should be their only plan

    ♪All the poor animals that are tortured
    ♪Laws shouldn't differ by border
    ♪Their all this Beautiful Earth's creatures
    ♪And will bring forth a successful future

    ♪Stop all forms of child abuse
    ♪From rape
    ♪To physical abuse

    ♪Stop being racist
    ♪Why do I have to teach the basics
    ♪When I have no hidden aces

    ♪Its common knowledge all humans are the same
    ♪What most don't understand
    ♪Is we had such a racist past that was taught to blame

    ♪Look into the survival of each race
    ♪We all need food to eat
    ♪Water to drink
    ♪Air to breath
    ♪And organs to stay alive

    ♪I feel so bad for my Soft Heart
    ♪Being able to Realize all this is causing it to fall apart
    ♪Wish I could've put a Stop to everything at the start
    ♪But all I can do is write art

    ♪Things needs to Stop
    ♪I'm completely sad and upset
    ♪Because I see a future that will be wrecked
    ♪If we don't Stop

    †Dedicated To Tom Newton ~ A Victim Of A Drive-by Shooting†
    ♥Dedicated To Every Beautiful Female Who Deserves To Be Loved And Respected♥
    ♠Dedicated To All The Animal Lovers♠
    ♞Lines Also Appear In The Song Illusion♞
    ©CopyRighted January 27, 2014©
    ®All Rights Reserved®
    ™NeglectingYouthKillzIdealEarth ~ (Nykie)™

    [email protected]
    Kenmore, New York

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    Please tell me this contest ends after today, I posted to the wrong forum, posted under the share poetry forum. Please tell me ends at the end of today.


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      Copyright created by emailing it to myself, never published.


      • jdg
        jdg commented
        Editing a comment
        I just wanted to say a couple things about copyright (in the U.S., at least). Copyright is created automatically when you set something down in fixed form. Registration of copyright is only required if you want to sue someone for copyright infringement, and in that case, your copyright must have been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. Years ago, although not so common today, some people claimed to use what became known as "poor man's copyright", which was mailing--not emailing!--a copy of their written work to themselves and not opening the envelope it was mailed in. U.S Courts have said this method of establishing copyright has no merit. Email would have even less as email and other electronic documents are easily editable after the fact. If you would like to know more, I suggest going here: and starting with the FAQs section.

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      Illusion was a song wrote by me and was never published either.


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        If you have a reason to be concerned about a copyright, the safest thing to do is file it. You can file online and it's acceptable to bundle everything you've written for a year etc. into a collection, rather than filing individual works. Cost is somewhere around $50.