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  • ♬Contest♬♣Violence In A School♣

    ♣Violence In A School ζ September 24, 2004 ζ 3:57 am♣

    ♪First Verse♪
    ♪Violence is becoming widespread
    ♪The Youth having suicidal thoughts throughout their head
    ♪Living everyday wishing to be dead

    ♪Soon to see blood
    ♪A society filled with no Love
    ♪Inhale the smoke from the Beautiful green ***

    ♪Schools can no longer be safe
    ♪Hearts act insecure
    ♪A loss of faith

    ♪Such acts of violence that are new
    ♪What is your view
    ♪On this issue that has grew

    ♪Will you care once that violence enters your home
    ♪Such acts of hatred
    ♪As Predators Roam

    ♪A school shooting
    ♪Your child is involved
    ♪The reality now becomes a nightmare

    ♪Violence has raised us through history
    ♪It continues today
    ♪It will never Stop
    ♪So violent behavior shouldn't be a mystery

    ♪Kids are a part of American mainstream
    ♪Where is the lost American dream
    ♪Listen to the violence as Americans scream

    ♪Disrespect the youth
    ♪Watch the future
    ♪Because Devastation awaits
    ♪Now Speak The Truth

    ♪When being bullied
    ♪Do you feel the pain
    ♪Can you see the anger
    ♪And can you see the hate

    ♪A terrified learning environment
    ♪What way is that to learn
    ♪When your trying to gain the building blocks towards retirement

    ♪A flying fist
    ♪Blood flows from a wrist
    ♪As I'm now lost in The Abyss

    ♪This isn't right
    ♪What is solved from a fight
    ♪Besides mutual respect when it's over
    ♪Violence In a School is all that's in society's sight

    ♬Second Verse♬
    ♪Schools think all they need is a camera to install
    ♪In the direction down the hall
    ♪Why so there's a video as the Violence In A School starts to fall

    ♪Technology has set us back
    ♪Set our minds off track
    ♪A weapon concealed in a backpack
    ♪As a child is ready to attack

    ♪A murder during school time
    ♪Death before the drop of a dime
    ♪Yellow tape covers the scene of the crime

    ♪Blood spills on the ground
    ♪From a gunshot echo sound
    ♪Misery is all that's found
    ♪That it happens year round

    ♪Tears drip from a heart
    ♪Its sad that some see violence as an art
    ♪As two lives become drawn apart

    ♪Where is the unity
    ♪The love and caring
    ♪The help from a community

    ♪Racism remains sick
    ♪Taught to hate
    ♪As a bomb continues to tick

    ♪A gun to shoot
    ♪Fear in eyes
    ♪Violence is the main root
    ♪As voices turn mute

    ♪Push a person till they snap
    ♪Rage and anger build
    ♪Its now released like a trap
    ♪And its explained in this rap

    ♪Ashes fill the urn
    ♪Watch as the world begins to turn
    ♪Why is Violence In A School something that we must learn

    ♪Losing my grip to the key
    ♪To set this world free
    ♪And perfect society to some degree
    ♪Because violence is all I see

    ♬Third Verse♬
    ♪If we keep raising and teaching kids with hate
    ♪The population will die at an alarming rate
    ♪It's now too late
    ♪For a clean slate

    ♪In school why is there so much violence
    ♪After the violence
    ♪We're struck with silence
    ♪Researching behavior in society is a science

    ♪Stepping inside the mind of a child
    ♪Consumed in anger and acting wild
    ♪That God can no longer show a smile

    ♪No metal detector
    ♪The kid just walked right in
    ♪That there wasn't even a security inspector

    ♪Little hands wrapped around a gun
    ♪Watch as everyone starts to run
    ♪Bloodshed will show when the gunfire is done
    ♪As Life Patterns are done

    ♪Guns blast
    ♪A failure that never passed
    ♪Looked at as an outcast
    ♪As adrenaline travels fast

    ♪Raised in society to live like a slave
    ♪Never learned to behave
    ♪Too many lives to save
    ♪Acting like a menace till there is a dug grave

    ♪This happens in Elementary schools
    ♪Middle schools
    ♪High schools

    ♪Poor schools
    ♪Rich schools
    ♪That there's no exception to these rules

    ♪Many raised up in low income
    ♪Never given a chance
    ♪Even though help was begged by some

    ♪Death is real
    ♪Peace needs to heal
    ♪Pain is an emotion that we all must feel

    ♪Impacted by a family matter
    ♪Tears show the situation has turned much sadder
    ♪As brains splatter

    ♪Cops to patrol
    ♪Even though they all abuse their authority
    ♪That are society is out of control
    ♪Mourning by a lost soul

    ♪How can the school system teach
    ♪When the Youth you can't reach
    ♪A need to reestablish trust with each

    ♪Lethal doses of drugs
    ♪Peer pressure from thugs
    ♪Parents of a dead child no longer able to give hugs

    ♪Thoughts to rearrange
    ♪Violence In A School
    ♪Hoping for Brighter Dayz
    ♪A future that will someday bring forth change

    †Dedicated To All Victims Of School Shootings And To Anyone Effected By Them†
    ©Copyrighted September 24, 2004©
    ®All Rights Reserved®
    ™NeglectingYouthKillzIdealEarth ~ (Nikey-Nykie) ™

    [email protected]
    Kenmore, New York

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    Please tell me this ends at midnight tonight, I posted to the wrong forum, posted under the share poetry.Please tell me ends at the end of today.


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      Never published, emailed the poem to myself to create a copyright