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    ♣Youth ζ October 13, 1999 ζ 2:29 am♣

    ♬First Verse♬
    ♪I'm going to look out for the youth
    ♪As I Speak The Truth
    ♪Turning away from the polling booth

    ♪The truth needs to be stated
    ♪This can't be debated
    ♪That so many Youth feel hated

    ♪Its sad how so many parents don't care about their kids
    ♪Watching as the addicts and sexual predators put down their bids
    ♪This happens even though society forbids

    ♪The Youth have the worst problems to face
    ♪Politicians only caring about their election race
    ♪As more problems begin to interlace
    ♪No wonder the Youth feel out of place

    ♪Many Youth act like a fool
    ♪Look at the rate of dropouts in high school
    ♪But I can understand why the Youth don't want to follow one rule

    ♪Each drop out
    ♪Will soon figure out
    ♪When it comes to potential
    ♪And being successful in life only 9% will amount

    ♪Aggravation and frustration
    ♪Trying to know a translation
    ♪And we represent the so called Beautiful nation

    ♪School is too important
    ♪But instead it leads to torment
    ♪From bullying to being treated horrible
    ♪As a judge signs an arrest warrant

    ♪Maybe this is why some become drug fiends
    ♪The Youth get treated like their thugs and thieves
    ♪Leading to a lowering in what the Youth achieves

    ♪Trying to flood out the mental pain with drugs
    ♪Due to feeling a lack of love
    ♪As a brawl breaks out from a shove

    ♪Nowadays its not just a one on one fight
    ♪As others jump in
    ♪Which contrives into Bloody Nites

    ♬Second Verse♬
    ♪Bullying or others are viewed as an outcast
    ♪Its easy to do the math
    ♪For why this Portrayed Violence leads to a gunman's wraith
    ♪Creating a blood bath

    ♪Violence In A School
    ♪The shooting of a gun
    ♪Seeing small feet run
    ♪As a shooter tries to miss none
    ♪Hitting everyone

    ♪Then turning the gun on themselves
    ♪But due to the Devastation
    ♪Look at the misery this leads to in ourselves

    ♪And this happened due to neglect
    ♪A lack of respect
    ♪So what can one expect
    ♪Understand this is the outcome that will reflect

    ♪All this only occurred due to one person being different
    ♪Being treated bad to a different skin pigment
    ♪Being bullied due to their appearance
    ♪There's no adherence

    ♪Racism Remains sick
    ♪Because it continues to be taught
    ♪The change the civil rights had was supposed to change this
    ♪That's why that was faught

    ♪When the Youth are discarded
    ♪And treated like garbage
    ♪It will lead to this type of carnage

    ♪If we don't start to make a change
    ♪It will lead to further violence that gets exchanged
    ♪And more funerals will need to be arranged

    ♪Just look at how the Youth are treated by cops
    ♪That we call police
    ♪Treating em like their only going to amount to being a criminal
    ♪Understanding why its hard to find peace

    ♪Corruption Over Protection that's the meaning to the word cop
    ♪This treatment needs to stop
    ♪This just leads to a TearDrop

    ♪The Youth are the future key
    ♪Which leads me to be curious to know what everyone's thoughts and expressions must be
    ♪When the Youth are locked in chains never again to be free

    ♪More compassion and respect needs to be shown
    ♪Otherwise that will be the only result when their grown
    ♪These facts are well known
    ♪As disrespect and hate continues to be thrown

    ♬Third Verse♬
    ♪I worry for the future that will be handed down to the Youth
    ♪I'm just stating the truth
    ♪And I'll further explain the proof

    ♪Close to a hundred years ago still In The Dayz Of Dark Amerika
    ♪We used the Youth for cheap labor
    ♪When inequality was greater

    ♪It didn't matter if the Youth got hurt and killed
    ♪But the problem is
    ♪This is still happening in other countries to this day

    ♪The Youth are still used for cheap labor
    ♪Working in sweat shops
    ♪Sometimes up to sixteen hours a day

    ♪The Youth are used and abused to make a profit
    ♪Got to further advance the shareholders profit
    ♪Trying to switch my mind off it

    ♪Look at the Youth suicidal rate
    ♪The Youth are seriously surrounded by hate
    ♪And some are dying at an alarming rate
    ♪I was once in the positions of the Youth so I can relate

    ♪Sick ass child predators
    ♪There should be more laws created by congress and the senators
    ♪These crimes just can't be seen in the theaters

    ♪The Youth get solicited online for sex
    ♪Child predators are everywhere
    ♪Murder, rape, and abuse follows next

    ♪As a Predator Roams
    ♪Ruining so many Elated Homes
    ♪The sad part is we advanced
    ♪We don't have kings and queens on thrones

    ♪Hoping someday this will all Stop
    ♪As I can see shining Brighter Dayz
    ♪The Youth are used as sex slaves that's why some adopt
    ♪Needing to end this sick plot

    ♪Parents need to show further guidance
    ♪Especially due to all facts known to social science
    ♪There shouldn't be so much silence with violence

    ♪But many adults instead of respecting the Youth
    ♪They marvel over their riches
    ♪Even though kids are facing homelessness and hunger
    ♪Soon enough this society will fall under

    ♪Its sad it will be harder for the Youth to get good jobs
    ♪Even harder than previous times
    ♪Understanding why so many join gangs and mobs

    ♪I hope someday society will further look out for the Youth
    ♪The future depends on it
    ♪And that's the ultimate truth

    ♪The whole world needs to understand and visualize
    ♪The meaning to the word Nykie
    ♪Because Neglecting Youth Killz Ideal Earth

    ♪This can't just be something Americans Realize
    ♪Because the whole world needs to see what happens to the Youth
    ♪And that's the never ending truth

    ©CopyRighted October 13, 1999©
    ®All Rights Reserved®
    ™NeglectingYouthKillzIdealEarth ~ (Nikey-Nykie)™

    [email protected]
    Kenmore, NY

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    Please tell me this ends at midnight today, I posted to the wrong forum, posted under the share poetry.Please tell me ends at the end of today.


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      Never published, it was emailed to myself for the copyright