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Understanding - Contest Submission - An Awakening Thought

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  • Understanding - Contest Submission - An Awakening Thought

    Looking is a Power I desire you be wise to,
    To know where your energy comes from or flies to.
    In witnessing the destiny everything arrives to,
    Reveals how our looking is what reality has eyes to.

    Be still in your looking to see through its mysteries,
    To the Unmoving Self in observing's simplicity.
    Observe your observing to witness what is witnessing,
    Until cognizance adapts into what is "Transcendencing".

    This mysterious presence our awareness is discovering,
    Invokes our attention to understand its Subtlety.
    It invites us to a stillness that demonstrates our mastery
    'Till our looking, unlocks, all the mysteries its capturing.

    In stillness, we enter into this Temple of Remembrance.
    In a silence so absolute our speech is transcended.
    In allowing our attention to its exponential potency,
    We’re permitted through the passage that reveals how it really sees.

    As awareness immerses, it emerges to forever,
    Expansed to an eternity that's instantly remembered.
    Our discernment is so magnified, forever becomes realized
    As being understood as the essence we're identified.

    This Endlessly-Futured, Eternalized Self
    Allows observation of Its Now to be dwelt.
    In our looking's entirety being paused in this Being
    We peer into a Self, our Eye is All-Seeing.

    In the sweeping revelation it lenses on looking
    We find what we're looking for in the absence of it moving.
    We find what's been hidden in the depths of its stillness,
    Its reach into ourselves as the source we exist.

    We recognize mysteries we never thought observing
    for We never had allowed ourselves a moment for discerning.
    We had not yet allowed before an option to looking.
    A neutral observance to all that is moving.

    In the heart of this Looking, we find a neutrality
    From the limited mobility of outward reality.
    It is from this attention we find who's been choosing.
    & It's inside this stillness we find ourselves looking.

    In our search for this mastery, this agility of Self,
    We find ourselves meshed in an intimidating realm.
    We find our thoughts fluid, yet without our control
    They appear and disappear in a directionless flow.

    In it's ocean of chaos, the current seems everywhere
    Raging throughout us, to unseat our presence there.
    but If we hold onto Looking, beholding its Presence
    We find ourselves anchored in an unmoving essence.

    We behold it, to unfold it, through its natural unfolding
    Where our Looking is the Source of both stillness and flowing.
    In the presence of our Looking we find objectivity,
    The individuality through the I of Infinity.

    As we let our thoughts heighten in Its everywhere buoyancy
    Our consciousness opens to realize what we hadn't seen.
    It deepens our Looking to recognize The Mystery
    To understand how looking had given it the mystique we see.

    This view into ourselves that was missing recognition
    Was an unexpected Key we'd dismissed from our vision.
    We made ourselves busy with appearance's circumstance
    That we never made the time to see all we were looking at.

    It's in what we recognize that our power is remembered
    Dissolving the distance relatedness ventures.
    For it's in what we realize that decides our reality
    & The means of our consciousness and energy's channeling.

    We recognize and understand, what Realizes, IS Looking,
    What we find IS defined by the consciousness we're using.
    We recognize who recognizes through our recognizing
    The Unknown Self becoming Known in Realizing.