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A Mother's Role

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  • A Mother's Role

    How do you balance a life with 4 high school teens?
    When each one is filled with passion and lofty dreams?
    A son who strives to play hockey in the NHL.
    A daughter who’s creative artistic talents will serve her well.
    The identical twin sister who can’t decide between science and art.
    The youngest desires a career in acting and music, but I hope she plays it smart.

    The long list of activities that each one must try.
    How quickly we burn through the money to help them all fly.
    What should we sacrifice?
    What can we afford to do?
    Do they need this much preparation?
    Are the stories of fierce competition really true?

    Forget the new car; we’ll drive the old one to the ground.
    Forget an expensive vacation, one day our time will come around.
    But each time they carry on toiling with all of their might.
    You continue telling yourself, the path we’re on must be right!

    As your son gets selected for the All Star Team.
    Your daughter’s song is picked for promo recording, plus a video supreme.
    Your eldests’ digital pieces receive top nods from Nick’s Director of Art.
    And my dreamer’s teacher enters her painting in a competition,
    because her vision always stands apart.

    Then at night when you finally start to relax,
    you just forget about all of those statistics and facts,
    about the chances of each kid reaching their dreams.
    And you realize the importance of your role and what it all means,
    to be the mother paramount providing help, love and absolute understanding.