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    ★Star Gazin' ζ August 24, 2011 ζ 1:33 am★

    ♬First Verse♬
    ♪Out in the country
    ♪Just staring in the sky
    ♪Stars so Beautiful and bright

    ♪Love looking at the dark summer night sky
    ♪Holding such beauty
    ♪A mind going past the outer limits of the sky

    ♪Seeing such fury
    ♪Can ease some worry
    ♪And it can be calmed by the aurora colors of beauty

    ♪Staring in the night sky
    ♪The dark summer night sky
    ♪Is looking Amazin'
    ♪Nights of Star Gazin'

    ♪Looking up at the sky constellations
    ♪Staring at a blue star
    ♪The virgin maiden Virgo holds the second biggest sun in the Milky Way galaxy

    ♪The biggest and brightest star in Virgo is called Spica
    ♪Spica ranks 15th-16th for the brightest of the stars in the entire night time sky

    ♪Spica is composed of 2 extremely close blue stars
    ♪That when viewed look like only one
    ♪Spica is also known as Alpha Virginis A/B

    ♪Love my birth month
    ♪Love the day my birthday falls on
    ♪Just made it into my Horoscope
    ♪But I'm a complete match to a Virgo

    ♪All the stars which are enormous suns
    ♪Providing warmth
    ♪And sunlight to all the planets
    ♪Which orbit around 'em

    ♪Billions of known galaxies
    ♪Some in spirals, elliptical, and so many other different shapes
    ♪Maybe trillions of planets existing in those other galaxies

    ♪Not thinking to be ignorant like most people
    ♪That man is the only possible intelligent life
    ♪With an uncountable number of galaxies and stars

    ♪And planets that could be similar to earth
    ♪There has to be life being allowed to flourish
    ♪Being open minded that there's other life shows unlimited courage

    ♪The Big Bang
    ♪Which started it all
    ♪Not thinking like most people
    ♪Things aren't and will never be divine or magical

    ♪Most are just misinterpretations by early uneducated man
    ♪Not understanding what their seeing
    ♪Or understanding what was going on

    ♪I understand the cosmos
    ♪Not stupid to what surrounds me
    ♪Science says comets and meteors hold the building blocks to all of life
    ♪So that's what's responsible for all life

    ♪Pictures Remain Still
    ♪Now seeing meteorites crash
    ♪As I'm seeing Visionz of The Abyss

    ♬Second Verse♬
    ♪Star Gazin' as the stars sparkle so bright
    ♪Lighting up the sky at night
    ♪Such beauty is in my sight
    ♪As I'm Disappearin' Into The Cold Dark Nite

    ♪Planets of such beauty
    ♪All composed of different elements from metal to rock to gas
    ♪But for how much more time because We Destroy This Earth

    ♪Before there's complete destruction
    ♪Not one species alive
    ♪With an Earth that can't even function

    ♪Our Beautiful blue and green planet
    ♪Such a unique planet
    ♪Poles of giant magnets

    ♪Reflecting solar flares
    ♪End of the world scares
    ♪Compasses point north
    ♪Watching the needle go forth

    ♪Inside the earth is molten iron
    ♪Traveling in a circle
    ♪Turning inside the Earth
    ♪And is then exposed in a volcano as lava

    ♪Devouring everything In the center of the milky way galaxy is Sagittarius A
    ♪Such Devastation it can portray
    ♪A super massive black hole
    ♪Its thought to be like a giant recycling hole

    ♪Believed to remove what shouldn't exist in the solar system
    ♪Grabbing things into the black hole
    ♪The purpose of Sagittarius A is existent but its still unknown

    ♪Unbelievable bright Beautiful colors
    ♪To space travel
    ♪A space station
    ♪And moon rovers

    ♪Looking up at a Full Moon
    ♪Protecting the planet absorbing impacts
    ♪But its inevitable that a meteorite will soon hit

    ♪Know there are planets past Eris
    ♪We just can't see far enough
    ♪To see 'em
    ♪Are furthest known dwarf planet for now is known as Eris

    ♪We know of our possible second sun
    ♪Its referred to as a brown dwarf
    ♪And it was never able to mature into a sun

    ♬Third Verse♬
    ♪Looking up through a telescope
    ♪At the Beautiful solar system
    ♪A beauty that can inspire so much hope

    ♪From the fusion in the sun
    ♪To seeing scorching Mercury
    ♪To the Beautiful feminine Venus

    ♪To the full of life Earth
    ♪To are cratered white Moon
    ♪Over to the bloody red planet Mars
    ♪To the only dwarf planet in the inner solar system called Ceres

    ♪To the gas giant Jupiter
    ♪The orbiting rings of Beautiful Saturn
    ♪Over to the years of night Uranus
    ♪To Beautiful blue icy Neptune

    ♪To the first dwarf planet which was formed by a giant collision creating Haumae
    ♪The largest Kuiper Belt object known as the dwarf planet Makemake
    ♪To the cold tiny dwarf planet Pluto
    ♪To the shivering dwarf planet called Eris

    ♪Planets and dwarf planets of such unique beauty
    ♪So distinct
    ♪All so different from each other in composition

    ♪Seeing all of the moons that each planet possesses
    ♪Which continue to orbit
    ♪Already for billions of years around their planets

    ♪Wish I could travel faster than the speed of light throughout our solar system
    ♪Seeing all the planets in our solar system
    ♪And all the planets in every constellation

    ♪Wanting to have a knowledge of the milky way galaxy
    ♪All the planets and suns
    ♪And knowing all of the galaxies

    ♪Watching the night sky
    ♪Seeing a Shooting Star
    ♪As I'm looking up at the Beautiful night sky
    ♪Seeing all the Beautiful stars

    ♪Staring at the big dipper
    ♪All of the constellations
    ♪To the sparkling of all the other planets

    ♪With the vastness of the universe
    ♪And all of the things unknown
    ♪Its just too much to fit into one song or verse

    ♪Out in the countryside
    ♪In complete amazement
    ♪By the hundreds of bright stars
    ♪As I'm Star Gazin'

    ☆Wrote Under The Stars At Lake Placid, NY☆
    ©CopyRighted August 24, 2011©
    ®All Rights Reserved®
    ™NeglectingYouthKillzIdealEarth - (Nykie)™
    [email protected]
    Kenmore New York
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    Please tell me this ends after today, I posted to the wrong forum, posted under the share poetry.Please tell me ends at the end of today.


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      Emailed to myself for copyright, never published.