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    If I met my younger self
    I wonder what I'd say
    I wonder what she'd think
    Of the girl I am today
    I wonder does she have regrets
    Question choices she knows she made
    What changed in her innocent mind
    When her youth began to fade
    Is she ashamed of who I am
    I wonder did I let her down
    Am I at all what she had planned
    Or did I make her proud
    What happened to the girl she pictured
    This is not the life she dreamed
    When did she become so bitter
    I'm no longer so naive
    The truth is that I miss it
    Finding good in every little thing
    Even in the worst of times
    I was always searching for hope
    She was always optimistic
    The world an opportune type place
    She'd made her mind, chase dreams down
    And the world, she'd readily face
    I hope I didn't ruin
    The passion running through her veins
    And I hope she soon will realize
    That we are really still the same