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♣Adversity♣♬2014—2015 Poetry contest♬

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  • ♣Adversity♣♬2014—2015 Poetry contest♬

    ♣Adversity ζ January 21, 2015 ζ 8:01 am♣

    ♪Alwayz felt like my back was to a wall
    ♪Facing Adversity was my only call
    ♪Like I was up against all

    ♪With My Back Towards The World
    ♪With very little encouragement
    ♪That I soon learned a new form of understanding myself

    ♪I was just faced by so much Adversity
    ♪So many things that were up against me
    ♪That I felt my actions would never put me into diversity

    ♪When there are so many uneducated that there's no scarcity
    ♪Maybe it would've shown some clarity
    ♪But never thought I would become a rarity

    ♪When it came to school I never put in all my effort
    ♪Not realizing that's how my accomplishments would be measured
    ♪But I'd be lying if I said I was an expert

    ♪Back to my teens when I was just a kid
    ♪And all of the things I did
    ♪That society forbid

    ♪Alwayz out with my friends
    ♪Trying to be up on the latest trends
    ♪Out at the most important party events

    ♪That I was nonstop going to parties
    ♪That caused all of these

    ♪Which I Alwayz overslept
    ♪That sleeping and a school schedule was something that couldn't be kept
    ♪That over partying by me was all that began to reflect

    ♪When it came to school I was Alwayz absent
    ♪That soon failing was all that would happen
    ♪During this time I discovered my talent for writing and rapping

    ♪Wanting to write only music from my heart
    ♪That soon my Lyricz turned into art
    ♪Wanted my music to come from my deepest part

    ♪Soon my grades started to slip
    ♪Due to a just implemented attendance policy for each class I automatically failed
    ♪That I couldn't regain my grip

    ♪Everybody said I'd never amount to nothing seeing I'm a highschool dropout
    ♪Shadowed by so much doubt
    ♪That I was foreseen to take a known loser route

    ♪But wanted to change my fate
    ♪And have achievements which were great
    ♪Knew the odds were against me
    ♪Based on the high school drop out to graduate college rate

    ♪My life was forming to be a catastrophe
    ♪Felt like I'd never earn my high school diploma
    ♪Or be in a prestigious academy

    ♪I was up against all the odds
    ♪Felt like I'll never have a career
    ♪Or one of those high paying jobs

    ♪Knew I had technological skills
    ♪But with no education
    ♪I was at the bottom of one of the worst and steepest of hills

    ♪In my Youth I got into so much trouble
    ♪Seemed like it was in an endless struggle
    ♪That I was watching my life crumble
    ♪But everybody in life takes a stumble

    ♪Maybe this was my lesson to learn it was time to mature
    ♪At the time I wasn't too sure
    ♪But I was definitily feeling insecure

    ♪Wasn't sure if I'd end up as a lower end statistic
    ♪When nothing in life was being simplistic
    ♪Or was I just being narcissistic

    ♪Realized I was faced with more Adversity
    ♪That I'd never graduate on time
    ♪So I was only left with one choice

    ♪So I dropped out when I should've been a junior
    ♪Even though I was in my sophmore year
    ♪Based off all my failing

    ♪Never reached my junior grade
    ♪Thinking college would never happen
    ♪But was trying to think positive that maybe I could go to school for a trade

    ♪Even though in high school I was Alwayz popular
    ♪And Alwayz surrounded by the cool people
    ♪But I also had a lot of enemies
    ♪Who really didn't even know me

    ♪And even with popularity I still had to deal with bullies
    ♪But what young adult doesn't
    ♪In the school hallways

    ♪When I first started
    ♪I was kicked out within the first week of the G.E.D. program
    ♪Due to still skipping
    ♪I guess being unproductive was turning into my only slogan

    ♪Skipping was Alwayz a problem in high school that plagued me
    ♪Which further delayed me
    ♪And allayed me

    ♪So why would that change
    ♪Why would habits rearrange
    ♪Where my actions would feel strange

    ♪After a month of no school
    ♪The program accepted me back
    ♪As I'm trying to get my life back on track
    ♪Being productive is how I wanted to act

    ♪I wanted to have a future
    ♪And be a productive member in society
    ♪Because an education is the best way to a bright future

    ♪Within two weeks of starting my G.E.D.
    ♪I was already finished
    ♪Passing with high scores
    ♪As I earned my high school degree

    ♪I went through all the practice exams at such a high speed
    ♪And at each test I was able to succeed
    ♪That success is all I could see

    ♪Wasn't in high school long enough to even take my SAT's
    ♪Probably wouldn't even be able to spell words if I was in one of the senior year spelling bees
    ♪Not understanding an education was one of life's most important keys

    ♪In a prestigious college is where I was enrolled
    ♪As the dice of fate were being rolled
    ♪But wanted to achieve something that was greater than gold

    ♪Which would be an education
    ♪Stressed as I'm trying to remain patient
    ♪Even though I felt so Impatient
    ♪Based off my grade complacent

    ♪Still had a freshman year class when I dropped out of school
    ♪Was too busy partying
    ♪Hanging out with the popular groups which were seen as being so cool

    ♪That I didn't care about school
    ♪Or care to follow one rule
    ♪Just acting like an uneducated fool

    ♪Guess I still had things to learn
    ♪In order to earn
    ♪But getting a good education was something for me to yearn

    ♪But maybe failure was something I needed to experience
    ♪To each adherence
    ♪But in my life it caused so much interference

    ♪Took the entrance exams to get in college
    ♪Which to all other students were just placement exams
    ♪But if I passed these exams
    ♪I'd be accepted into this prestigious college

    ♪Stressed out of my mind
    ♪At least I was smart enough
    ♪To remain calm

    ♪Even though I failed the math exam
    ♪I was still accepted into this college
    ♪I didn't place in honor classes
    ♪But at least I did for regent placements

    ♪Because I passed all of the other tests
    ♪Even with overwhelming anxiety and stress
    ♪As I dealt with even more Adversity trying to be the best

    ♪For math I had to take remedial courses
    ♪Where I would've earned no credit
    ♪That it felt like a complete waste of time

    ♪I was earning credit in all my other classes
    ♪But I was having problems with how to concentrate
    ♪Which was constant

    ♪Within that first semester I was now dropping out of college
    ♪Because I felt like I wasn't smart enough
    ♪And that I lacked the knowledge

    ♪Because it felt like I was in over my head
    ♪Especially after what all my high school teachers and principal said
    ♪That I'd never be able to earn a college degree
    ♪And I'd Alwayz fail and see marks in the red

    ♪That stigmatism can carry
    ♪And cause a person to be wary
    ♪As I'm screaming Bloody Mary

    ♪The following year I again was enrolled back in college
    ♪Within that first semester
    ♪I again was dropping out of college

    ♪Because I didn't understand the importance to be brillant
    ♪And resilient
    ♪Because I was only seen in my Youth as being someone who would be a delinquent
    ♪As opposed to an achiever who would be persistent

    ♪Two more years passed
    ♪Without being fulltime
    ♪During that time I only took two college courses
    ♪But with both those courses I was successful

    ♪However I got help from that professor related to my poor attendance
    ♪Where he didn't deduct it from my overall grade
    ♪Which helped me to be successful

    ♪Because my past was still dictating each action
    ♪Even though I didn't Realize I was starting to gain some traction
    ♪But at the time it wasn't a perceived reaction

    ♪Still don't know how I did this when I was barely showing up to class
    ♪So how does one surpass
    ♪And pass
    ♪When I was still acting like an xxx

    ♪But I wanted to enroll as a fulltime student
    ♪But I was struck down with those actions and movement
    ♪Because my grades needed to show more of an improvement

    ♪Because I was told when it came to college that I wasn't matriculating
    ♪But I saw that as something for debating
    ♪Due to what my grades were illustrating
    ♪Because I felt an improvement is what it was indicating

    ♪I just had to make further changes to myself
    ♪Which when it came to school would help
    ♪At least that's how I felt
    ♪I Just need to put school above everything else

    ©CopyRighted January 21, 2015©
    ®All Rights Reserved®
    ™NeglectingYouthKillzIdealEarth ~ (Nykie)™

    [email protected]
    Kenmore, New York
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    ♬Fourth Verse♬
    ♪All throughout my life I was faced with such Adversity
    ♪Now even more being a high school dropout
    ♪Going for a higher education at a university
    ♪That I was still facing a very difficult journey

    ♪But an agreement was struck with me and my dean
    ♪That if an A in one course was seen
    ♪And if my old habits didn't reoccur and that I didn't fall in between
    ♪Then me being fulltime could be foreseen

    ♪But I didn't meet those requirements
    ♪I fell short with only receiving a B+
    ♪However my attendance was great
    ♪As were all my homework and test grades

    ♪That my dean worked with me seeing my actions were bringing a plus
    ♪And I was starting to regain her trust
    ♪But not dropping out for a third time was a must

    ♪Because for a fourth time
    ♪I wouldn't be accepted to come back
    ♪And that was a known fact
    ♪If I failed this pact

    ♪Because there was no room for any error
    ♪And Canisius College was being more than fair
    ♪But I felt I was struck with such despair
    ♪That achievement wasn't something I could declare

    ♪Due to my performance in that one class
    ♪I was now starting out fulltime
    ♪Being successful was Alwayz On My Mind
    ♪But the lost knowledge was something I needed to learn and find

    ♪Driving home from college one day as a car hits the driver side of my car
    ♪Knocking me completely up on a curb
    ♪Was fine after the accident
    ♪But the following day my back was in endless pain

    ♪Months later an MRI showed four herniated discs in my neck all in a row
    ♪Under those herniations
    ♪Was a ruptured disc leaking fluid all over my spine

    ♪So besides trying to pull myself up in college
    ♪I now had a back injury to deal with
    ♪Which for the pain I was prescribed Opana

    ♪Now dealing with intense pain in my back
    ♪A raised level of anxiety
    ♪And pain drugs to take numerous times a day

    ♪Which at times hit me hard
    ♪Where I felt completely out of it
    ♪As I'm struggling to pay attention in class

    ♪Besides the injury I also had to do good in college
    ♪For which I lacked the knowledge
    ♪It felt like I was faced with even more Adversity
    ♪And I was now facing even more blocking me

    ♪So much I didn't learn
    ♪When it came to high school it was too late to return
    ♪I doubt I would've even been successful if I could with my known pattern

    ♪It Alwayz bothered me when I'd be in class
    ♪And the Professor or Doctor would say this is easy
    ♪Because all of you
    ♪Already learned this in high school

    ♪But for me that wasn't the case
    ♪It wasn't something I could interlace
    ♪In my heart I felt a disgrace
    ♪Because this wasn't something my mind chose to efface

    ♪It was knowledge I never learned or knew
    ♪So learning missed knowledge had to be my most important view
    ♪And was something that I needed to continue

    ♪Retook that same failed math placement exam
    ♪And this time I overwhelming passed
    ♪That I was even allowed to take calculus
    ♪If I wanted
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      ♬Fifth Verse♬
      ♪Knew I had to face this Adversity
      ♪And knew all of this wouldn't be a simplicity
      ♪And that it was a complexity

      ♪I need to learn to further tone myself down
      ♪To understand the reasons why I wasn't showing up
      ♪And why I was dropping out and failing
      ♪And why when came to the whole class why I was trailing

      ♪I need to quit with all the partying
      ♪At least because of my girlfriend at the time
      ♪I lost mainly all my friends
      ♪So partying wasn't that important anymore to me

      ♪Now losing my girlfriend of almost three years
      ♪She replaced me for another guy before we even broke up
      ♪The few remaining friends I had left
      ♪We're all trying to make me feel better

      ♪At least all of this happened after the college semester
      ♪Besides dealing with college
      ♪I'm now dealing with an injury to my back from a car accident that wasn't my fault

      ♪Just days before this semester started
      ♪I had to bury my best friend
      ♪From back in high school due to a drug overdose

      ♪At least with all this happening I got good enough grades
      ♪To pass each class
      ♪And get myself off academic probation
      ♪And start matriculating

      ♪Each following semester was extremely difficult
      ♪Took four classes a semester
      ♪And had two courses each year to do for summer school

      ♪During summer school
      ♪One summer I was a fulltime student
      ♪My remaining friends
      ♪Not understanding I had classes everyday for almost six hours a day

      ♪As I'm now losing my only remaining friends
      ♪And I now have no one left
      ♪Prospect girlfriends is now how I filled in my only remaining time

      ♪Going to classes
      ♪Doing physical therapy for my back injury
      ♪And chilling with all those girls is what filled all my time

      ♪Hours of my face in books
      ♪Trying to learn as much as I could
      ♪And trying to change my perceived outlooks
      ♪But I Alwayz remained a poet from writing bars to hooks

      ♪Literally hours per day
      ♪Went towards reading
      ♪Writing papers
      ♪And trying to get myself through college

      ♪Graduating from a prestigious college with two degrees
      ♪Being a high school dropout
      ♪Earning a Bachelor Of Science in Digital Media Arts
      ♪And an Associate Of The Arts in Business Humanities

      ♪My Bachelor degree was extremely difficult
      ♪I didn't decide on it to my junior year
      ♪There were prerequisites I had to take at the same time as other courses
      ♪Because I waited too long on my degree of which degree I chose to decide

      ♪Over all of this
      ♪I conquered each Adversity
      ♪With each activity
      ♪Understanding none of this will be forgot for an eternity

      ♪Growing a further understanding of myself
      ♪And everything I've went through and had to deal with in this life
      ♪And how I overcame each Adversity
      ♪Like I knew I could

      †In Memory Of A Fallen Friend†
      ©CopyRighted January 21, 2015©
      ®All Rights Reserved®
      ™NeglectingYouthKillzIdealEarth ~ (Nykie)™
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        Less than 500 lines but couldn't post all at once


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            Please tell me this contest forum ends after today, I posted to the wrong forum, posted under the share poetry.Please tell me ends at the end of today.


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              Would like to thank this site, the judges, and this contest for inspiring me to write this song about being able to understand myself better as I matured, this song is 100% true, never published, I emailed it to myself the day I wrote it to create a copyright.